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What is the GTA 6 gameplay like?

October 27, 2023

GTA 6 Gameplay: There was an important data leak for Grand Theft Auto VI a while back. Although we don’t support leaks in general or the effects and difficulties they provide for creators, it’s difficult to deny the enthusiasm these facts arouse in viewers.

We wish to inform readers of the potential for a game this size while also warning them that leaks can occasionally cause our favorite games to become significantly damaged or delayed. Let’s examine the most significant leaks that we expect will surface before the official trailer release, which should be soon.

New Police Systems

New Police Systems GTA 6 gameplay

It appears that the desired level and star system in Grand Theft Auto VI will be increased in order to agitate the cops. We saw a remark with the desired level that read Full Description in the initial leaked film, which featured a robbery at Hank’s Waffles. This seems to imply that a witness has seen your face. Additionally, a Full Vehicle Description implies that a witness has precisely identified your getaway car. The message that accompanies this reads, Any vehicle you are seen entering will be known by the law.

Naturally, when the game gets closer to release, this may be a message to the development team and kept secret from players. There is a warning about the NPCs in this scenario, though a female NPC displays a yellow symbol over her head when she is inside the building. After Lucia goes, it starts to flicker, and then becomes red when the police arrive. This may be a component of the “witness” system that adapts to your behavior.

Female protagonist

Female protagonist GTA 6 gameplay

The addition of a female protagonist has long been requested and has been raised several times in the past. The main characters in every Grand Theft Auto game, including the spin-offs, have been men. However, Lucia will enter the criminal underworld once GTA VI launches. It’s difficult to say how her journey begins at this point, but we do know that she has a romantic relationship with Jason, the second character, that is reminiscent of Bonnie and Clyde.

The fact that cosmetics are now an option in salons and stylists around the world suggests that gamers will have some customizing choices for Lucia.

Possibly more than One Country

Possibly more than One Country GTA 6 gameplay

You should take this with a grain of salt, but GTA VI may have many countries, according to enthusiasts who have thoroughly examined the leaks. The game features references to both Canada and Mexico, as well as an illustration with their flags adjacent to the stars and stripes. These may simply be references, of course, but given the size of the area and Rockstar’s desire to reinvent the game, a significant extension seems conceivable.

Given that the map has a sizable body of water, it is believed that this might serve as the real-time boundary between the countries. Grand Theft Auto’s oceans have always been vast, but this one would be enormous.

New Map Vice City

New Map Vice City GTA 6 gameplay

According to several leaked details, we already know that a portion of Grand Theft Auto VI takes place in Vice City. Players have gone to Vice City before, but it was in the 1980s, some decades ago. It has probably been modified and modernized in large part. We can learn a lot about the various counties and boroughs of the city from what we’ve seen on the leaked map.

Age and Growth

Age and Growth GTA 6 gameplay

Rockstar was able to create a mechanism that allowed the characters to mature between Grand Theft Auto V and Red Dead Redemption 2. It frequently manifests itself in the main characters’ growing beards and hair. The mechanism has been partially observed in the leaked videos. It is logical to graphically depict these characters’ aging as they occur organically over time.

The leaked docs also mention that Lucia and Jason have both experienced weight increase and muscle loss. This adds to the experience and demonstrates a more dynamic “reality.” With regard to beard trims and haircuts, both of these enhancements would enable greater interaction.

Hacking System

Hacking System GTA 6 gameplay

Given that Watch Dogs and Cyberpunk 2077 both have a strong emphasis on technology and hacking, it would seem likely that GTA6 would have a fully functional hacking system. Videos show hacking tools, most of which are used in carjacking scenarios (tracker jammer, immobilizer bypass). Then, we might be able to carry out con games and hack laptops and smart gadgets with the help of a USB drive and an autodialer.

It appears that auto theft will need more procedures and more work. Modern automobiles are equipped with computerized systems, however, an object known as a “slim jim” has been observed that may be used to jam locks on earlier vehicles. This appears to complete a more intricate system, offering gamers additional possibilities to carry out various thefts.

Money laundering

Money laundering GTA 6 gameplay

Should you decide to pilfer money, maybe from the recent spate of thefts, you will want a means of cleaning it up. We can’t just shove dollar bucks in our pockets and proclaim GTA VI a success because of its depth. To keep the money clean and out of the hands of the authorities, you’ll need to launder it like any respectable professional criminal.

Owning a business will be important in this situation. Through the leaks, we have seen an emblem that depicts a money sign inside a washing machine. As new bills that have been laundered are placed into your account, we can fairly presume that these enterprises will need investment and will pay back a certain amount of money each day or each month.


GTA 6 gameplay has been a topic of interest for fans, with leaks indicating potential improvements and potential delays. Some significant leaks include the introduction of new police systems, a female protagonist, possibly more than one country, and a new map of Vice City. The game features references to Canada and Mexico, with a sizable body of water serving as the real-time boundary between the countries.


Is there GTA 6 release date?

The GTA 6 trailer is reportedly scheduled to be published on October 26. These rumors are based on an audio clip that has been leaked. It wouldn’t be incorrect to suggest that players should anticipate the game by early 2025, although it may also be postponed until then. The debut date is still uncertain.

What’s GTA 6 going to be like?

A male and a female protagonist will be included in the game, and the plot will have a Bonnie and Clyde-esque feel, according to the infamous GTA 6 leak. This implies that the plot will center on a pair who, following many heists, are fleeing from the law, which sounds very Grand Theft Auto.

How far off is GTA 6?

It has been revealed that GTA 6 will be released on April 1, 2024, or March 31, 2025.