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Using Bard in Google Sheets: A Tutorial in 2023

November 28, 2023

Use Bard in Google Sheets: The use of Google Duet in Sheets is described in this article. Duet is another artificial intelligence (AI) technology from Google that functions directly in Workspace apps like Gmail, Docs, and Sheets, even if you cannot utilize Google Bard in Sheets.

How Does Google Bard Work in Sheets?

Use Bard in Google Sheets: Although Google Bard is an AI chatbot with many helpful functions at its disposal, it is not compatible with Sheets. Rather than including Bard in Workspace applications such as Sheets, Google created Duet AI specifically for that purpose. While Duet and Bard are similar, Duet is built on the next-generation Pathway Language Model 2 (PaLM 2), which is functionally similar to ChatGPT-4, rather than the older Language Model for Dialogue Applications (LaMDA) technology used in Bard.

To create a new spreadsheet, click on Google Sheets and select + Blank.

Step 1: To create a new spreadsheet, click on Google Sheets and select + Blank.

At the Help me arrange sidebar, click the text location.

Step 2: At the Help me arrange sidebar, click the text location.

After entering a request, select "Create template."

Step 3: After entering a request, select “Create template.”

Click Insert.

Step 4: Click Insert.

Your data may now be entered into the spreadsheet template.

Step 5: Your data may now be entered into the spreadsheet template.

Use Bard in Google Sheets: Although Duet has limits, it can create spreadsheets rapidly and even add placeholder data to them. The specific job you’re attempting to get Duet to do may need you to modify your request many times before getting the appropriate outcome. Sometimes it just isn’t able to accomplish the necessary work. That won’t always be the case, though, as Duet will probably acquire more capabilities over time.

You will receive an error notice if you make a request that Duet is unable to handle. For example, you’ll get the notice, “We’re still learning, and can’t help with that,” if you ask Duet to produce a spreadsheet using formulae or functions. Try submitting a different request.

Can Formulas Be Used in Sheets Using Google Duet?

Use Bard in Google Sheets: Rephrasing the request might assist if you receive an error message from Duet in Sheets. All you can do is come as near as you can and complete the task manually if the AI just isn’t capable of carrying out a request.

To develop a profit and loss tracker, for instance, you may have Duet generate one and then add some formulae to customize it. This technique creates formulae automatically using clever Sheet features to enhance a template created by Duet.

  1. Launch Google Sheets and make a new spreadsheet to get started. Next, select Create template after entering a request, such as “profit and loss tracker for a laundromat.”
  2. Click Insert.
  3. While this template is a nice place to start, it is not a fully functional calculator. Select the first figure in the Gross Profit column and hit the = key to correct it.
  4. Click the recommended formula or hit Tab after twice pressing the left arrow on your keyboard.
  5. Apply the same procedure to the first value in the Net Profit column now. Remove the number from that cell, then hit the back arrow twice while holding down the = key. Next, when the recommended formula pops up, click it or hit Tab.
  6. Select the initial value seen in the Gross Profit column.
  7. Select the cell by clicking the dot in the lower right corner and dragging it downward.
  8. Proceed in the same manner, but use the first value found in the Net Profit column.
  9. The columns for revenue, cost of goods sold, and operating expenses can all be filled up with numbers.
  10. With those figures supplied, the spreadsheet computes the Gross Profit and Net Profit columns automatically.


Is Bard available in Google Sheets?

In order to transfer a table to Google Sheets, When a table is included in a Bard answer, this option will be accessible. Click Export to Sheets in the lower right corner of the table. This creates a new Google Drive spreadsheet with the table saved in it. Tables that contain pictures are not exportable to Sheets.

Can I use Bard in Google Docs?

Exactly: To locate, summarize, and respond to queries about your personal material, you may allow Bard to interact with data from your Gmail, Docs, and Drive, starting in English. You may always remove access to your Google Workspace data, and it won’t be utilized to train Bard’s public model.