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Updates and Changes in the Apple Pencil for 2023

October 20, 2023

In 2023, Apple made important changes to the Pencil, a game-changing tool for creative professionals, to provide an even better experience. Apple is setting the standard for pen expertise once again with a focus on greater sensitivity, compatibility, and overall user experience.

Because of its accuracy and reactivity, the Apple Pencil has long been a favorite among note-takers, designers, and painters. This post will examine the most recent enhancements and modifications made to the Apple Pencil for 2023 and how they are expected to push the stylus to unprecedented levels.

It is also more pleasant to use because of its new matte surface, slimmer design, and flat side. In contrast, the new Pencil has a more contemporary appearance overall, but there are more subtle distinctions between the two models than meets the eye.

Apple Pencil Double Tap

The addition of a brand-new double-tap capability is the largest change to the new Apple Pencil. To quickly and effectively correct errors in your work, just double-tap anywhere close to the front end of the new Pencil with your finger to switch the iPad between the eraser tool and other modes.

Apple Pencil Double Tap, Apple Pencil for 2023

You may double-tap to display the color palette, deactivate it completely, and swap between the currently used tool and the last tool you used by going into the Apple Pencil settings. Go to Settings, General, Accessibility, and Apple Pencil to find the settings to modify the double-tap duration.

A number of third-party applications such as ProCreate, Concepts, LiquidText, OmniGraffle 3, and others, now support the double-tap capability; we anticipate that many more will follow suit in the future.

Apple Pencil Carrying and Cases

The best part about this new charging technique is that you can carry your iPad in your hand or put it in your bag without ever needing to take out the Pencil because of how strong the magnetic connection is. This essentially ensures that, if Bluetooth is enabled, the device will always be fully charged when you use it.

Apple Pencil Carrying and Cases

Because the previous Pencil protruded significantly from the Lightning port, charging an iPad while it was inside a backpack wasn’t possible. Its peculiar design is removed and it becomes much simpler to handle when the charging attachment is attached to the side. We’ve conducted many shaking tests and verified that, with normal use, the new Apple Pencil shouldn’t come loose.

Apple Pencil Connectivity, Charging and Compatibility

Compatibility is the first thing potential buyers of Apple Pencils should be aware of. Since the new iPad Pro has converted to USB-C, the old Apple Pencil won’t be able to connect to the 2018 devices. As of right now, the new Apple Pencil only works with the 2018 iPad Pro.

Apple Pencil Connectivity, Charging and Compatibility

You will need to purchase the original Pencil if you own an iPad that was launched before the 2018 iPad Pro and supports the Apple Pencil.

Older iPads only lack the hardware capability for the second-generation Pencil’s brand-new charging method, which explains why.

The new Apple Pencil can be attached simply by putting it up to the edge of the iPad Pro, where there is a cutout for wireless charging, unlike the original, which needed to be connected by Lightning in order to charge and pair. The Pencil magnetically clicks into position, charging the attachment while displaying a connection prompt if it hasn’t been linked previously.

The Pencil’s Features

Naturally, there are others who are unaware of the true capabilities of the Apple Pencil in contrast to a standard tablet stylus. In summary, users may access a multitude of functionalities with both the original and new Apple Pencils, particularly for tasks when using a finger is insufficient.

With the Pencil, you can navigate nearly any place in iOS that you can with your finger. You can text with the Pencil, access Spotlight search by swiping down from the middle of the screen, and even employ the iPad’s key-flicking functionality.

The Pencil's Features

Many additional motions, such as accessing the control bar, swiping up on the home bar to go home, and long-pressing to mimic a force touch, are sadly not supported.

ProMotion, a technology that enables the display to refresh at up to 120 times per second, is also included in the iPad Pros from the second and third generations. This makes using the Apple Pencil seem even more realistic by reducing latency to a record-low 20 ms.

Because of iOS’s amazing palm rejection, painting on the iPad seems more natural when you lay your hand on it. Moreover, the Apple Pencil senses tilt and pressure, so using it is similar to using a real pencil, pen, or marker.

If you need to quickly create a note, Instant Notes is available. To open the Notes app without unlocking your iPad Pro, simply tap the lock screen with your Pencil. You can draw immediately in Mail and Notes without alerting the device when you switch to your pencil thanks to inline drawing.

iOS is now intelligent enough to read and comprehend handwritten language thanks to new AI machine learning, which lets you use Spotlight to look up words. Naturally, the Scanning app also has the feature of signing contracts and papers, which makes it possible to quickly fill out and return necessary data.

Since iOS is updated often throughout the year, it’s probable that additional features for the Apple Pencil—for both the old and new models—will be added over time, increasing the utility of Apple’s tablet-based writing tool.

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The Apple Pencil costs $129 on the Apple website, and engraving is extra. If you purchase it with an engraving, be advised that you cannot return it since the design makes it more difficult for repairs and later sale.

The new Apple Pencil does not arrive in a package with an additional tip as the original did. This could be the case since many individuals were unaware of the additional tip and the previous model didn’t truly wear out, but replacing it adds to the expense.


Apple has made significant changes to the Apple Pencil for 2023, focusing on greater sensitivity, compatibility, and overall user experience. The new Pencil features a matte surface, slimmer design, and flat side, with a new double-tap capability that allows users to quickly correct errors in their work. This feature is supported by third-party applications such as ProCreate, Concepts, LiquidText, and OmniGraffle 3.

Is purchasing an Apple Pencil worth it?

If you don’t use the Apple Pencil for painting or sketching, it’s still ideal for marking up and highlighting text in documents and photos. When editing videos, you may also utilize it for precise adjustments. But if you don’t use it frequently, the Apple Pencil’s expensive cost is probably not justified.

What uses are there for an Apple Pencil?

Make it up. Record it. The Apple Pencil is a benchmark for the effortless, accurate, and enchanted experience of sketching, taking notes, and annotating documents.

How much time will the Apple Pencil last?

If you treat the pencil with care, it should survive for several years. It will malfunction in two ways: either physically or the batteries will eventually run out of power. If you keep a pencil charged once a month and don’t use it, it won’t last very long. Avert harsh falls upon hard surfaces.

Which Apple Pencil is better?

For artists, it remains an excellent instrument for creation. Although the first version of Apple Pencil is still adequate, the second generation is superior. The tips of Apple Pencils are the same as well. It is possible to screw the tip of a first-generation Apple Pencil onto a second-generation pencil.