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Can you unlock a SIM locked iPhone? – Easy Guide 2023

August 27, 2023

If unlock a SIM locked iPhone may seem like a difficult process, have no fear! In this article, we’ll dispel typical misunderstandings about SIM locks and show how to escape their chains. Unlocking your handset can open up a world of options, whether you recently bought a used iPhone or are limited by your carrier’s choice. As we explore the details of unlocking SIM-locked iPhones, gather your virtual locksmith tools. Prepare to free your smartphone and take advantage of all the advantages that come with it!

What is a SIM locked iPhone?

An iPhone that has been SIM-locked by the carrier is one that can only be used with that carrier’s particular SIM card. When you buy an iPhone from a carrier, they frequently lock it to their network, making it impossible for you to use a SIM card from any other network.

This implies that your locked iPhone won’t function if you attempt to use a SIM card from a different carrier. When the phone displays notifications like “SIM Not Supported” or “Invalid SIM,” you’ll be irritated and have few choices.

Carriers use this locking mechanism to keep consumers from switching to other networks and to keep them from leaving. Carriers can effectively lock users into using their services by prohibiting the use of other SIM cards.

Others consider this practice to be anti-competitive and constrictive, despite the fact that others may say it encourages consumer loyalty. It restricts consumer options and makes switching carriers for better prices or coverage difficult for people who travel frequently.

When you unlock a SIM-locked iPhone, you are free to use whichever carrier best meets your needs. With an unlocked cellphone, switching providers is as simple as popping in the appropriate SIM card into your phone.

So exactly does one unlock an iPhone that has a SIM lock? Keep reading as we explore several approaches and fixes in the section after this one!

How to unlock a SIM locked iPhone

If you got a SIM-locked iPhone, you might be wondering how to unlock it so you can use any SIM card from any carrier. Fortunately, there are a few techniques you may use to unlock your device and enable network compatibility.

How to unlock a SIM locked iPhone

You can ask for an unlock code by contacting your mobile service provider. If your contract is over or you have already paid the entire amount for the equipment, this is frequently the simplest choice. You’ll receive instructions on how to unlock your phone by entering the code.

You can also use third-party unlocking services that are focused on unlocking iPhones. In contrast to using your carrier, these services often involve some price but can deliver outcomes more quickly.

Jailbreaking your iPhone is an alternative technique. You obtain access to software tweaks that enable network compatibility without requiring an official carrier unlock by doing this. But be aware that jailbreaking can void your warranty and possibly interfere with future updates.

Regardless of the technique you select, unlocking a SIM-locked iPhone has many advantages. While going abroad, it gives you the freedom to use local SIM cards or a different carrier. Additionally, compared to their locked counterparts, unlocked iPhones typically have a higher resale value.

However, it’s crucial to take into account any dangers that can arise from unlocking a SIM-locked iPhone. The procedure might not always be successful or could lead to unforeseen issues like data loss or bricking (which renders the phone unusable). As a result, when trying to unlock your smartphone, it is crucial to do your study from reliable sources and adhere to the correct procedures.

Make sure that when purchase an iPhone from a carrier or shop, it comes unlocked by default to avoid any locking difficulties. You won’t encounter any limitations in this way whether changing carriers or going abroad.

The benefits of unlocking a SIM locked iPhone

There are lots of advantages to unlocking a SIM-locked iPhone, all of which can improve your mobile usage in general. You can use your iPhone with any carrier of your choosing after unlocking it. This implies that you are not restricted to a single network and can change service providers in accordance with the best offers or coverage in your area.

Additionally, owning an unlocked iPhone provides you the option to travel abroad without worrying about exorbitant roaming fees. Instead, you have the choice to buy a local SIM card in the nation where you want to travel, which frequently offers more reasonable data plans and call costs.

Additionally, unlocking your iPhone makes it possible to sell it for more money in the future. Since they offer more versatility and compatibility, customers tend to prefer unlocked smartphones.

Furthermore, you can access a variety of customization choices by unlocking your iPhone if it is SIM-locked. Instead than being constrained by carrier limits, you can install various firmware revisions or software updates from many sources.

The benefits of unlocking a SIM-locked iPhone include greater control over your mobile experience, cost savings, and convenience.

The risks of unlocking a SIM locked iPhone

Regardless on how you go about it, there are various levels of risk when unlocking a SIM-locked iPhone. One of the greatest dangers is the potential for voiding your warranty. utilizing unauthorised techniques to unlock your iPhone, such as jailbreaking or utilizing third-party software, can jeopardize its security and functioning.

The risks of unlocking a SIM locked iPhone

You may get across compatibility problems with your carrier or network provider, which is another risk. Even once a SIM-locked iPhone has been unlocked, not all carriers will be able to use it flawlessly. There can be constraints or limitations on the network coverage or particular features made available by some providers.

Additionally, there is always a danger that the unlocking process will break your smartphone. If done incorrectly, it could result in hardware or software issues that render your iPhone useless.

Without legal authorisation from the carrier, unlocking a SIM-locked iPhone may also be against terms and conditions and a breach of any active contract agreements. There may be repercussions legally and possible punishments as a result of this.

Before deciding to unlock a SIM-locked iPhone, it’s critical to consider these hazards. For the least amount of danger exposure, it is advised to engage with experts or licensed service providers who can guarantee safe and legal unlocking processes are followed.

How to prevent your iPhone from being SIM locked

You may avoid a lot of bother and have the flexibility to change carriers whenever you want by keeping your iPhone unlocked. Here are various strategies for keeping your iPhone’s SIM unlocked.

1. Buying an unlocked iPhone: Before purchasing a new iPhone, confirm that it has been unlocked by asking the vendor or the carrier. With an unlocked phone, you are free to use a SIM card from any provider.

2. Avoid buying subsidized iPhones since they frequently include contracts that lock you into a particular carrier for a set amount of time and result in SIM locking. You have more control over your phone when you choose an unsubsidized model.

3. Select factory unlocking services: If your iPhone is already locked, you might think about employing factory unlocking services offered by trusted outside businesses. This approach entails requesting an unlock code directly from Apple or the maker, guaranteeing that your phone will always be unlocked.

4. When visiting other countries, be caution because certain carriers may lock your iPhone if they notice that it has been used extensively outside of their coverage region. Ask your carrier about their restrictions regarding overseas usage and unlocking alternatives before leaving on a trip abroad.

By using these suggestions, you may protect yourself against getting a SIM-locked iPhone and take advantage of the convenience of switching carriers with ease.


Many benefits can be obtained from unlocking a SIM-locked iPhone, including the freedom to use it with any network and the avoidance of exorbitant roaming fees. While there are risks associated with unlocking your iPhone, such as the possibility of causing harm to the device or voiding your warranty, these can be reduced by using the right processes and getting expert assistance when necessary.

Before buying a new smartphone, it’s crucial to carefully explore your carrier options in order to avoid having your iPhone become SIM locked in the first place. Choose a carrier that offers flexibility and unlocked iPhones by researching each one’s regulations on locking devices.

While unlocking a SIM-locked iPhone allows you more flexibility and freedom with your smartphone, it’s important to comprehend the procedure and balance the pros and cons. You can make sure that unlocking your SIM-locked iPhone is a smooth process that improves your overall mobile phone usage by making informed judgments and following the required measures. So unlock sim if you want to!


Can you unlock a SIM locked phone?

By executing a phone unlock operation, you can get rid of the SIM lock. The process involves getting an unlock code from your current mobile service, albeit the particular unlock requirements vary depending on your phone model. If the provider is unable to supply you with a code, you can also purchase one online.

What to do if iPhone is SIM locked?

Sim locked has nothing to do with the iPhone; it just indicates that the sim has a sim pin. Either buy a brand-new, unlocked sim, or enter the PIN for the existing sim. If you navigate to Settings->General->About->Carrier Lock, “No sim restrictions” ought to be visible.

Will jailbreaking iPhone remove SIM lock?

Any SIM card that you want to use may be used. Because of this, jailbreaking is the most popular fix for many iOS device problems. You can remove carrier lock and use the mobile network of your choosing after jailbreaking your handset. Therefore, you are not required to use the original carrier’s SIM card.