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The Ultimate Guide to Finding the Perfect iOS 17 Wallpaper

September 21, 2023

The best resource for finding the ideal iOS 17 wallpaper is here; welcome! What better way to give your iPhone a gorgeous and unique look than to decorate it with a wallpaper that embodies your sense of fashion and personality? This blog post will look at a variety of tools, techniques, and tricks to assist you in finding the most appealing wallpapers for your iOS 17 smartphone. We have everything you’re looking for, whether you prefer vivid landscapes, simple aesthetics, or artistic masterpieces. So be ready to create a stunning visual masterpiece for everyone to admire on your home screen. Let’s start now!

 How to find the perfect iOS 17 wallpaper

Looking for the ideal iOS 17 background? Look nowhere else! With so many options available, decision-making may be challenging. But don’t worry; I’ve got you covered.Here are some hints and techniques to assist you in selecting the ideal iPhone wallpaper.

Let’s discuss where to find the best wallpapers. The App Store is an excellent place to start because there are several apps there that are entirely focused on offering high-quality wallpapers. There is something for everyone’s taste, from natural scenery to abstract patterns.

A different choice is to browse websites and online groups that provide free wallpapers made especially for iOS devices. Finding content on these platforms is frequently easier than ever because of the huge number of genres and subjects they frequently feature.

Consider making your own wallpaper with picture editing software or applications like Canva or Adobe Spark Post if you want to add a more personalised touch. By doing so, you can completely personalise your background by using your favourite images or patterns.

Consider aspects like the colour scheme, resolution compatibility with your device model (iPhone X vs. iPhone SE), and whether you like static photos or dynamic ones that change depending on the time of day or location while looking for the ideal wallpaper.

Be sure to give trial and error a chance! Finding the perfect wallpaper that completely matches your aesthetic choices and the aesthetic of your device may take some time. Therefore, don’t be scared to try out several styles until you find one that appeals to you.

Finding the ideal iOS 17 wallpaper needs some searching, but it can also be a fun process (or should we say “in this section”?). Give your iPhone a new look by following these suggestions!

The best places to look for wallpapers

There are lots of alternatives available to you when looking for the ideal iOS 17 wallpaper. There are numerous websites and online distribution channels that provide a huge selection of wallpapers for all preferences and tastes. The greatest locations to hunt for wallpapers to give your iOS 17 device a new look are listed below.

One popular choice is to go to websites that specialise in wallpaper, such as WallpaperHub, Unsplash, or Pexels. You may be sure you’ll find something special and engaging on these sites since they carefully select high-quality photographs from photographers throughout the world.

Stunning wallpapers can also be found in abundance on social media platforms. Particularly on Instagram, there are countless accounts devoted to posting lovely iPhone backgrounds. To find a wealth of possibilities, just search for hashtags like #iOSwallpapers or #iPhonebackgrounds.

Consider joining forums like Reddit’s r/iOSthemes or Discord servers devoted to customization if you prefer more specialised and exclusive options. These groups frequently provide links to other websites where you may find original wallpapers made by other fans as well as their own works.

Never undervalue the influence of Apple’s own App Store. Numerous apps are readily available that are made with the express purpose of offering customers a huge selection of wallpapers geared to various themes and styles. Some of the most well-known ones are Vellum, Zedge, and Everpix. You can always find something new and fashionable thanks to the frequent updates these applications make to their collections.

Although finding wallpapers online is convenient and offers a wide selection, keep in mind that it’s crucial to respect copyright rules when using someone else’s creation as your desktop background. If required, make sure you have permission from the original artist! Explore these incredible resources now to find the ideal iOS 17 wallpaper that reflects your personal style while letting your imagination fly.

Tips and tricks for finding the perfect wallpaper

There are a few techniques that might help you narrow down your options and locate something truly distinctive when looking for the ideal iOS 17 wallpaper.

Take into account your own tastes and style. Do you gravitate towards bright colours or muted tones? Do you prefer designs that are influenced by nature or abstract patterns? Finding what you’re looking for will be considerably simpler if you know what appeals to you.

Next, look at other wallpaper resources. Although Apple’s default option is a fantastic place to start, don’t be scared to explore other options. A variety of high-quality photos are available on websites like Unsplash, Pexels, and Wallpaper Abyss that can be downloaded right to your smartphone.

Try experimenting with various categories and themes. There is something for everyone, whether you prefer strong graphics or minimalist designs. Don’t be restricted; try looking for keywords associated with your hobbies or interests.

If you’re feeling inventive, think about creating your own unique wallpapers with graphic design or photo editing tools. This gives you the chance to personalise it and produce something wholly distinctive.

Utilise social networking sites like Instagram and Pinterest, where users frequently post their favourite wallpapers. These platforms can provide you with countless ideas and introduce you to fresh fashions that you might not have previously thought about.

You’re guaranteed to get the ideal iOS 17 wallpaper that captures your uniqueness in no time by using these suggestions and looking through various wallpaper sources!

How to customise your iOS 17 wallpaper

The option to personalise your wallpaper and make your device seem like it’s yours is one of the best features in iOS 17. You can make your lock screen and home screen suit your personal style by following a few easy steps.

Choose a picture or image that appeals to you first. It might be a stunning natural setting, a favourite animal, or even an eye-catching abstract pattern. You have complete freedom to choose! Once you’ve located the ideal picture, just tap it to bring up a full-screen version.

In the lower-left corner of the screen, hit the share icon to continue. Choose whether you want to set it as your lock screen background or home screen background (or both!) by selecting “Use as Wallpaper” from this point. If necessary, the image’s position and size can also be changed.

If you’re feeling particularly inventive, think about making live photos your background. Simply giving the lock screen or home screen a long touch brings these dynamic pictures to life. Simply choose a live shot from your camera roll, then repeat the previous steps.

Remember applications, too! Icons that may be customised and added to your home screen are now possible with iOS 17. These widgets can be customised with various styles and colours to go with the chosen wallpaper theme.

Don’t be scared to switch things up occasionally! With iOS 17, the settings menu offers quick access to a sizable collection of wallpapers. Up until you discover one that grabs your attention, browse several categories, including nature, art, architecture, and more.

The main goal of customising your iOS 17 wallpaper is to express yourself visually. Make your device totally unique by using your imagination.


Finding the ideal iOS 17 wallpaper is a fun and imaginative process that lets you customise your smartphone and give it a uniquely personal touch. You can get a broad variety of beautiful wallpapers that suit your taste and preferences by using the techniques and tricks provided in this article.

You can discover high-quality iOS 17 wallpapers in a variety of locations, including the official Apple wallpaper collections, third-party apps, websites, and even social networking platforms. Utilise these resources to research subjects, colours, designs, or pieces of art that speak to you.

Remember that iOS 17 itself has customization choices as well. Try out features like live photographs or dynamic wallpapers to give the background of your device some movement and interaction.

With so many options available to you, spend some time looking through numerous sources for ideas while considering both the visual appeal and the practicalities of reading on your iPhone screen.

So start your search for the ideal iOS 17 wallpaper now! Transform the appearance of your gadget into something distinctive and visually appealing by letting your imagination go wild. Enjoy every personalised moment since, at the end of the day, that’s what makes technology truly yours!

It’s now time for you to begin looking through new wallpapers for iOS 17. Give your iPhone a brand new look today to embrace change!


What is the new iOS 17 wallpaper?

There are just two stock wallpapers for iOS 17. These have an abstract design using a number of colours. They are simple, colourful, and lively. However, Apple has also included a number of Kaleidoscope wallpapers with this software update if you’re looking for something a little trickier.

How do I get iOS 17?

Access the software update by going to Settings > General. In any case, touch Install Now or Download and Install when it appears, then follow the on-screen directions.

What is different with iOS 17?

With the significant upgrades that Phone, Messages, and FaceTime have received in iOS 17, you now have new communication options. When you turn your iPhone on its side while it is charging, StandBy provides a new full-screen experience with glanceable information that is intended to be viewed from a distance.

Should I do iOS 17?

iOS 17 offers the most recent security safeguards in addition to a broad list of innovations, including AirDrop for contacts, live voicemail transcription, StandBy mode that transforms your phone into a smart alarm clock, and a new method to communicate with Siri. Nexstar Media Inc., 2023 Copyright