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The best AirPods Max 2 accessories

October 25, 2023

Congratulations, iOS user, and welcome to a beautiful pair of noise-cancelling headphones if you’ve finally taken the plunge and bought a pair of Apple AirPods Max. After ultimately deciding between Sky Blue and Space Grey, you can concentrate on acquiring some extras to fulfil your listening fantasies. We have you covered when it comes to AirPods extras, offering everything from robust hard-shell travel cases to adorable personalised crotchet earcups.

Urban Armour Gear Rations Case

Urban Armour Gear Rations Case

The ideal accessory for anyone who is a touch rough with their gear and technology is this high-quality, durable case. It has a moulded interior compartment and is composed of 840D ballistic nylon, which is weatherproof. Low power mode can be activated via a magnetic butterfly divider with a strap and clasp, and a mesh chamber can accommodate a charging wire and small power supply. You can insert your AirPods Max “naked” or with the Smart Case that comes with them. 

Fintie Silicone Case Cover

Fintie Silicone Case Cover

Consider these silicone covers from Fintie if you don’t need a carrying case or don’t want to carry the extra weight. Without interfering with the onboard controls, these affordable, lightweight, and sturdy coverings snap into the earcups and headband. For the majority of Max models, a colour match is possible, and you can even choose a design that glows in the dark.

Super One AirPods Max 2 Headphone Stand

Super One AirPods Max Headphone Stand

You should think about finding a new spot to store your headphones when not in use because the included AirPods Max 2 case is far from ideal. The AirPods Max with integrated Apple Smart Low-power Technology, which maintains your headphones in a low-power state, were created expressly to be supported by the SUPER ONE headphone stand. Because of their ergonomic form, they may be kept beautifully upright and out of harm’s way while you effortlessly attach a charging wire. 

What to consider when buying AirPods Max accessories

What to consider when buying AirPods Max accessories

One may purchase a regular stream of accessories to enhance their AirPods Max experience, much like with MacBooks and iPhones. But while looking for AirPods accessories, you should prioritise keeping them charged and preserving them. The exclusive Smart Case isn’t the best option for these particular “pods”. Neither does it make them any easier to carry or offer much protection from the elements.

In addition, the AirPods Max don’t switch off automatically; in fact, they don’t turn off at all, so charging is essential. Consider buying a case, power bank, and charging cable (or two) to keep your headphones safe and to access the excellent Apple Active Noise-Cancelling whenever you choose. Then you can progress to more entertaining extras, like earcup coverings or decals.

AirPods Max accessories

AirPods Max accessories

The AirPods Max are among our favourite over-ear headphones right now, but they are not inexpensive; they safeguard your investment with a distinctive cover. We continue to support the co2Crea argument as a reliable, cost-effective solution. The sturdy shell shields your headphones and has space for a wire and charging block. Check out the 840D ballistic nylon exterior of the UAG Rations case if you’re searching for something even more robust. The Spigen Ultra Hybrid PRO ear covers are an alternative to a bulky case if you just want something to shield the metal earcups from ugly scratches.


Apple AirPods Max are noise-cancelling headphones that come in Sky Blue and Space-Ray. To enhance your listening experience, consider purchasing accessories such as the Urban Armour Gear Rations Case, Fintie Silicone Case Cover, and Super One AirPods Max Headphone Stand. The Urban Armour Gear Rations Case is a premium, rugged accessory made from weather-resistant 840D ballistic nylon, while the Fintie Silicone Case Cover is lightweight and durable. The Super One AirPods Max Headphone Stand is designed to support the headphones with built-in Apple Smart Low-power Technology, keeping them in a low-power state.

When buying AirPods Max accessories, focus on protecting them and keeping them charged. The co2Crea case is a solid option, while the UAG Rations case is more durable, and the Spigen Ultra Hybrid PRO ear covers protect the metal earcups from unsightly scratches. These accessories will help you enjoy your Apple AirPods Max experience and ensure a comfortable listening experience.


How do I get the best out of my AirPod Max?

With ANC turned on, the AirPods Max offer a playback length of up to 20 hours. Turn off all power-draining functions (ANC, spatial audio, and Bluetooth) while not in use to get the most use out of each battery. The battery life will be extended by doing this.

Will there be a Gen 2 AirPods Max?

Although there has been no official announcement of the AirPods Max 2, Apple has recently been granted a few patents that indicate the upcoming AirPods over-ear headphones will have some new features. Here is every piece of information we have on the second-generation AirPods Max.

Are AirPods Max trendy?

The sleek, over-ear companion of AirPod Pros, Apple AirPods Max, has recently taken over the trend cycle. The same celebs who recently used the $29 earbuds are now carrying over-ear headphones that cost over $500. These headphones convey a message in a more overt manner.

Are AirPods Pro Max 2 waterproof?

The third-generation AirPods Pro are sweat- and water-resistant but not sweatproof or waterproof. They are not intended for use when swimming or taking a shower.