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Sim Locked iPhone on Verizon: A Quick Guide

September 6, 2023

You must first unlock the Verizon phone if you have one that is locked to the Verizon network and wish to use it with another network carrier. You have to obtain the Verizon unlock code in this situation. As a result, we’ve included a list of tried-and-true methods for obtaining a Verizon network unlock code as well as the quickest and easiest way to unlock your phone.

There are instances where you purchase a brand-new or used phone that is carrier-locked. When a phone is purchased with a discount or offer from a network carrier provider, it is typically network-locked. Only the carrier the user first used the phone with is permitted to use a network-locked phone.

Fortunately, you still have a way to unlock your phone even when it is locked to Verizon. To remove this lock, you can receive the Verizon unlock code. A Verizon phone may also be unlocked without a Verizon network unlock code. Here, we’ll go through each method’s specific procedures in depth. You can select the one that best fits you.

What is a SIM-locked iPhone on Verizon?

The term “locked SIM” describes a device that has a password, sometimes known as a PUK code. It indicates that the SIM cannot be utilised, and as a result, there would be absolutely no service. Once the SIM pin or PUK code is entered, a locked SIM card can be used.

You must receive the PUK code from your carrier or service provider if you don’t already know it, or buy a new, unlocked SIM card if you don’t.

See here: link: Use a SIM PIN for your iPhone or iPad—Apple Support

How to Unlock a Sim-Loaded iPhone on Verizon

How to Unlock a Sim-Loaded iPhone on Verizon

How to unlock a Verizon-based iPhone for use with several carriers As long as your new carrier offers a SIM card that is compatible with the hardware in your iPhone, doing so will enable you to use your iPhone with a different carrier.

First, see if your iPhone is already unlocked. 

The majority of Verizon’s iPhones are not carrier-locked, however the standards for what is and is not locked are sometimes ambiguous. It shouldn’t be locked if you paid for your iPhone in full at the time of purchase, and it shouldn’t be locked if you used a payment plan but finished it.

  • Your iPhone might not need to be locked, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t.
  • There are a few other methods you may use to check if your iPhone is locked.

Second, make sure that your account is in good standing. 

This only indicates that your account is clear of any flags or past-due payments. You should fix any such issues before attempting to unlock your iPhone.

  • When it comes to stolen or lost iPhones, several carriers have regulations that prevent you from unlocking the device until the rightful account owner finds it or gets it back.

Third, make sure that you’re listed as an account owner. 

You must be listed as the account’s head in order to make substantial account changes, including unlocking an iPhone.

  • You will need a family member to unlock your iPhone, for instance, if you are on a plan where they are the account owner.

4: Have your account information on hand.

This often contains the model of your iPhone, its IMEI number, and your Verizon login information (such as your email address or phone number, PIN, etc.).

What are the benefits of unlocking a SIM-locked iPhone on Verizon?

What are the benefits of unlocking a SIM-locked iPhone on Verizon?

You may have heard the phrase “unlocked” used to describe cell phones. But what exactly does it imply when a phone is unlocked, and what are the advantages of owning an unlocked phone?

Let’s examine what it means to have an unlocked smartphone, how to determine whether yours is unlocked, and some related issues.

Locked vs. unlocked phones

It’s likely that your phone is locked if you purchased it through a carrier, especially if you are bound by a contract. Your carrier could unlock the smartphone for you when you pay off your phone and finish your contract.

If you don’t presently have a contract, you can call your carrier to find out whether your device is locked and request that they unlock it. Your success will, however, be influenced by the specific cell provider you choose. Certain people are more eager to do this than others.

In the future, you should consider purchasing your smartphone straight from the manufacturer if you’re interested in utilising an unlocked phone. For instance, when purchasing an iPhone from Apple, you have the option of selecting a carrier or purchasing it SIM-free.

You may take the gadget to almost any carrier of your choice if you purchase it directly from Apple (as well as Samsung, Google, or another manufacturer). Additionally, you may take your smartphone with you if you ultimately decide to quit that carrier.

Most manufacturers allow you to pay for a phone in installments if you are unable to do so upfront, much like a carrier does. You should absolutely give it some thought the next time you purchase a smartphone.

How to Check Whether an iPhone Is Unlocked

How to Check Whether an iPhone Is Unlocked

If the Settings screen doesn’t indicate that my iPhone is unlocked, how can I tell? There is a third approach, but it will take some preparation as you need two SIM cards, each from a separate carrier. If you don’t already have two SIM cards, you may use one from a friend’s phone to try this out.

  1. Shut off your iPhone.
  2. Open the SIM card tray with a straightened paperclip or a SIM card tool, then take out the existing SIM card.
  3. Be careful not to touch the card’s metal! These are delicate things.
  4. Put the SIM card from a different carrier (which needs to be the same size) in the iPhone’s SIM card tray. Reposition the tray by pushing it.
  5. Turn on the iPhone.
  6. Try calling any active number right now.
  7. Your iPhone is locked if you receive a notice saying that the call cannot be placed. Your iPhone is unlocked if you are able to connect and place the call.

How to Check If an iPhone Is Unlocked: IMEI Lookup Online

There are a lot of internet resources that let you use the IMEI number to see if your phone has been unlocked, but the great majority charge you about $3 to do so. But I did come upon a few free tools. In general, it’s advised to use web tools like these with extreme caution, especially if they’re unconfirmed. As a result, I only advise using this method as a last option if you really must avoid calling your cellular service provider.

Here’s how to check your iPhone’s IMEI number to see whether it has been unlocked:

Launch the Settings app.

Tap General after scrolling down.

Select About.

To find the IMEI number, scroll down.

You could see a second IMEI listing if you have an iPhone X or a later model. Save that second IMEI number if this is the case for you; you’ll need it.

The serial number of your iPhone may be found at the top of this About screen. Take note of it.

Now visit https://ihttps://imei.ai/mei.ai/check-imei on a computer.

Complete the required fields and submit.

To show that you are not a robot, you might need to resolve a captcha.

The website will then display an information card for you. Observe the lock status.


Observe these methods to unlock an iPhone on Verizon that is SIM-locked:

1. Verify whether your iPhone has been unlocked. If you think your iPhone is locked, it might not be. If it’s locked, you may use a SIM card that won’t work until the PUK or SIM pin is entered first. Contact your carrier or service provider for the PUK code or a new unlock SIM card if you don’t know it.

2. On the Verizon network, unlock your iPhone for carrying. As long as your new carrier has a suitable SIM card, this will let you use your iPhone with a different carrier.

3. Verify the status of your account. Before attempting to unlock your iPhone, take care of any outstanding bills or flags.

4. Verify your ownership of the account. This implies that in order to make substantial account modifications, like unlocking an iPhone, you must be listed as the account’s head.

In conclusion, getting the Verizon network unlock code or using a SIM card compatible with your iPhone’s hardware are required in order to unlock a sim-locked iPhone on Verizon.

For people with contracts or who bought their phones through a carrier, unlocked phones are advantageous. You can request that your carrier unlock your handset if you are not currently bound by a contract. The success of unlocking your cellphone, however, depends on the particular mobile service provider you use.

Consider purchasing an unlocked phone straight from the manufacturer, such as Apple, Samsung, or Google, if you’re interested in using one. The majority of producers provide payment options that let you pick your carrier and carry your smartphone with you.

To check if your iPhone is unlocked, you can use two SIM cards from different carriers. If you don’t have two SIM cards, borrow one from a friend’s phone. If you can’t make a call, your iPhone is locked. To check if your iPhone is unlocked using the IMEI number, open the Settings app, scroll down to General, and tap About. If you see a second IMEI listing, save it.


How do I unlock my Verizon SIM lock?
To unlock a Verizon SIM lock, you must fulfil specific requirements and take the following actions:
A Verizon smartphone must be completely paid off, unreported as lost or stolen, and operating on Verizon’s network for at least 60 days in order to qualify,

b. To obtain an unlock code, get in touch with Verizon customer service via their website, phone number, or by going to a Verizon shop. Get your handset a SIM-unlock code.
c. Await Confirmation: Verizon will assess your application and, if you fulfil the requirements, will either provide you with an unlock code or detailed unlocking instructions.

d. Unlock Your Smartphone: Use the unlock code as directed and the accompanying instructions to unlock your smartphone. Usually, to do this, you need to use a SIM card that isn’t from Verizon and input the unlock code when required.
Be aware that the procedure could change a little depending on the kind of gadget you have. It’s critical to speak with Verizon directly if you need detailed advice on your device.

Is it possible to unlock an iPhone that has been SIM-locked?
A SIM-locked iPhone, including one that is tied to Verizon, may be unlocked. How to do it:
a. Verify Eligibility: Make sure your iPhone satisfies all eligibility standards set out by the carrier, such as being completely paid off and not having been reported lost or stolen.

b. Speak with Verizon: To request an unlock, speak with Verizon customer service. They will either give you an unlock code or walk you through the procedure.
b. Use a Different SIM: After unlocking your iPhone, use a SIM card from a different carrier. You will be prompted to enter the unlock code on your phone.

d. Enter Unlock Code: Type in the unlocked code that was supplied. Your iPhone will be unlocked and available to use with other carriers after it has been accepted. It’s important to check with Verizon for the most recent details because unlocking regulations are subject to change at any time.

Why does my Verizon iPhone say SIM locked?
If your Verizon iPhone is still carrier-locked on Verizon’s network, it may show “SIM locked” on the screen. This often happens when your iPhone is locked to a certain carrier, and until it is unlocked, it won’t take SIM cards from other carriers. The purpose of this lock is typically to prevent you from switching carriers until you have completed any contractual obligations or paid off the device.

Is my Verizon phone SIM unlocked?
You may use the procedures below to find out if your Verizon phone is SIM-unlocked and capable of using SIM cards from other carriers:
The simplest approach to finding out is to ask Verizon customer service if your smartphone has already been unlocked or if it is still possible to unlock it.

Alternatively, you can put a SIM card from a different carrier in your phone by choosing option (b). The phone is probably unlocked if it accepts the new SIM card and connects to the network of the new carrier. Your phone may still be locked to Verizon if you experience problems or error messages.
Always check with Verizon to see how your phone is doing or check your contract terms before attempting to use a different carrier’s SIM card to avoid any issues.