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How to Compare the Samsung S21 Ultra and S23 Ultra in 2023

September 22, 2023

Here we are at the clash of the titans! We have the storied Samsung S21 Ultra in one corner, a smartphone that changed performance and photography. With even more cutting-edge features and mind-blowing powers, its successor, the eagerly awaited Samsung S23 Ultra, is poised to compete with its predecessor in the opposite corner.

You’ve arrived at the ideal place if you can’t decide between these two titans or are simply interested in what makes them unique. We will go into great detail about their designs, display quality, camera prowess, battery life, computing power, and storage options in this blog article. To assist you in making an informed choice, we’ll also look at their sticker prices and customer ratings.

Prepare yourself for some intense comparison as we examine every detail of these marvels from Samsung’s top lineup. It’s time to assess if switching to the newest player on the block is worthwhile or if sticking with a tried-and-true winner is still your best option. Let’s get going!

Design and Display Comparison

Both the Samsung S21 Ultra and S23 Ultra offer luxury and slim aesthetics in terms of design and display that are guaranteed to catch people’s attention. The S23 Ultra is rumoured to have a similar design with a few tweaks, whereas the S21 Ultra has a glass back with an aluminium frame.

The S21 Ultra has a sizable 6.8-inch dynamic AMOLED display, which offers outstanding visuals with bright colours and deep blacks. According to rumours, the S23 Ultra could step things up a notch with a little bigger display or perhaps new screen technology.

The curved edges of both smartphones will probably provide a more immersive viewing experience. On the newer model, though, we can anticipate Samsung making improvements to the bezel size for an even more edge-to-edge display.

Both devices should also have high refresh rates for fluid gaming and scrolling. There are rumors that the S23 Ultra could provide a refresh rate even higher than the 120Hz provided by the buttery-smooth S21 Ultra, such as 144Hz.

The current model boasts WQHD+ (3200 x 1440 pixels) resolution, which offers sharpness and clarity in every detail. On their upcoming flagship handset, Samsung may or may not improve this feature further.

While the Samsung S21 Ultra is already impressive in terms of visual appeal and screen quality, the overall design and display comparison between these two models implies that there may be significant advancements awaiting us with the arrival of the S23 Ultra.

Camera Features and Performance

Both the Samsung S21 Ultra and S23 Ultra provide remarkable capabilities in terms of camera features and performance. Modern cameras on these smartphones produce remarkable image quality and enable users to capture moments in exquisite detail.

A 108 MP wide-angle lens, a 12 MP ultra-wide lens, and two telephoto lenses (a 10 MP periscope telephoto lens and a 10 MP telephoto lens) are all included in the Samsung S21 Ultra’s quad-camera configuration. This set of lenses enables a variety of shooting options, whether you’re taking pictures of faraway objects or landscapes. Additionally, the device provides up to 100x space zoom, allowing for close-up images even from a distance.

The Samsung S23 Ultra, on the other hand, ups the ante by bringing fresh camera innovations. It is said to include an upgraded quad-camera system with better sensors and lenses, which should result in images with clearer details than their predecessor. Additionally, there may be advancements in optical image stabilisation for better video recording, low-light photography capabilities, and both.

Both gadgets have cutting-edge features, including Night Mode for photographing in low light and Pro Mode for adjusting settings manually. Additionally, they enable high-definition video recording with an 8K resolution.


Both the Samsung S21 Ultra and S23 Ultra will appeal to camera lovers because of their amazing camera features, which might improve your photos. It is totally up to you whether you decide to buy the current model or hold out for the anticipated upgrade. according to your preferences.

Battery life and charging capabilities

The battery life and charging capabilities of different smartphones are among the most important factors to compare. The Samsung S21 Ultra and S23 Ultra both have strong batteries that, even with heavy use, may easily last all day.

The S23 Ultra ups its game with an astounding 6,000mAh battery, while the S21 Ultra offers a reliable 5,000mAh cell. This implies that both devices will have a very long battery life, enabling you to stream videos, play games, and perform any work without worrying about running out of power.

Both versions provide quick charging technology when it comes to charging capacities. In addition to wireless charging options, the S21 Ultra features 25W wired fast charging. On the other hand, the S23 Ultra is said to enable 45W wired fast charging, which would result in even quicker charging speeds.

Additionally, it is anticipated that both phones will support reverse wireless charging. With this function, you can use your phone as a wireless charger for other compatible gadgets, such as smartwatches or earbuds, by simply laying them on the back of your phone.

You can anticipate superb battery life and practical fast-charging choices that will keep your smartphone fueled throughout your busy day without any disruptions, whether you choose the Samsung S21 Ultra or wait for its successor, the S23 Ultra!

Processing Power and Storage Options

The Samsung S21 Ultra and S23 Ultra both provide top-notch performance in terms of processing speed and storage capacity. The Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 CPU powers the S21 Ultra, but a more sophisticated chipset is anticipated for the S23 Ultra.

The S21 Ultra provides models with internal storage options of 128GB, 256GB, or an astounding 512GB. As a result, customers don’t have to worry about running out of storage space when storing a substantial quantity of photos, movies, programmes, and data. Additionally, a microSD card slot is supported for additional expandable capacity.

The user experience is expected to be significantly improved by the future S23 Ultra’s increased processing capabilities. Either a better Snapdragon chipset or Samsung’s own Exynos CPU are anticipated to be included.

It’s likely that Samsung will continue to provide a variety of storage options for the S23 Ultra, just like it did for its predecessor. Users should therefore prepare for variances with various internal storage capacity levels.

Both devices have powerful processing capabilities and lots of storage possibilities. Depending on your unique requirements and financial limitations, you may choose to buy the current flagship model rather than wait for its replacement.

S21 Ultra and S23 Ultra Price Comparison

There are a few things to take into account when comparing the costs of the Samsung S21 Ultra and S23 Ultra. It’s crucial to keep in mind that prices can change based on your location and any active deals or discounts. The S23 Ultra is anticipated to cost more overall than the S23, though. 

The base edition of the Samsung S21 Ultra, with 128GB of storage, was priced at $1,199 when it was first announced. The cost grows in line with the amount of storage you add or the colour options you select. On the other hand, it is anticipated that the starting price of the S23 Ultra will be more expensive than the S21 Ultra because it is an upgraded model with even more cutting-edge features and enhancements.

Although we don’t yet have official information on the S23 Ultra’s price, it’s safe to anticipate that it will cost between $100 and $200 more than its predecessor based on past trends and technological developments. Keep in mind that, because of their cutting-edge technology and top-of-the-line specifications, premium flagship products like these sometimes have higher price points.

If you’re choosing between these two models only on the basis of pricing, you’ll need to take into account your spending limit and if you’re prepared to spend more money on the S23 Ultra’s more modern features. Prioritising your needs before making a purchase selection is always advised.

Remember! The most effective way!

Since they frequently offer package deals or financing alternatives that could affect overall costs, authorised retailers or Samsung directly would be the best sources for reliable pricing information at launch. Therefore, pay attention to official announcements!

Keep an eye out for updates on availability dates as well, as early bird deals may also come with tempting discounts!

Customer reviews and user feedback

Nothing speaks louder when making a purchasing decision than other consumers’ experiences. Both the Samsung S21 Ultra and S23 Ultra have drawn a lot of interest from customers, who are ready to express their opinions on these flagship models.

The amazing camera capabilities of both phones are a recurring feature in consumer reviews. Users adore the simplicity with which they can easily take images and films of high calibre. The cameras on these gadgets are extremely impressive, whether they are used to take pictures of stunning scenery or in low light.

The display quality is another feature that is highly praised. Users enjoy the immersive viewing experience that both models offer because of the brilliant colours, clear resolution, and fluid scrolling. These gadgets provide excellent images for everything from watching films to playing video games.

Customers are happy with the speed and performance of both phones. The strong CPUs provide fluid multitasking and quick app launches. Users also value having a variety of storage alternatives for their media files and programmes.

Many users also place a high priority on battery life. The majority of reviewers discover that they can easily get through a day without needing to recharge, while some do mention that they would prefer greater battery life on both models.

Both the Samsung S21 Ultra and S23 Ultra have received overwhelmingly favourable customer evaluations. Their svelte designs, outstanding cameras, bright displays, and superior performance are praised by users.

They include premium features that appeal to enthusiasts who require the latest technology in their cellphones.

Which one should you choose?

You might be unsure about which Samsung S21 Ultra or S23 Ultra is best for you after reading about their many features and technical details. In the end, it all comes down to your choices and requirements.

Both phones offer great images with their bright AMOLED panels if you appreciate cutting-edge design and display technology. The S23 Ultra, on the other hand, can be a good option to take into account if you value having a little larger screen size.

Both models are exceptional at taking images and films that are of high calibre in terms of camera features and performance. The S21 Ultra has a remarkable quad-camera configuration, but the S23 Ultra goes much farther by adding more improvements. If you are a photographer by trade or passion, the S23 Ultra’s enhanced camera capabilities can influence your choice.

Many users today depend heavily on their cellphones’ batteries because they have become our constant companions throughout the day. Thankfully, both smartphones have sizable batteries that offer enough energy to last for many hours. For extra convenience, they also have fast charging capabilities.

Overall smartphone performance is significantly influenced by processing power. The powerful processors in both versions give remarkable performance and efficiency. These smartphones are capable of handling demanding programmes and games as well as multitasking with ease.

When deciding between these two flagships, storage choices should also be taken into account. The S21 Ultra provides enough storage space but does not allow expandable memory. The S23 Ultra, which has an expandable memory slot for a microSD card, is a better choice if you need even more storage capacity or prefer having access to external storage choices.

Any buying decision is frequently influenced by price. Due to its top-notch specifications and features, the Samsung Galaxy series frequently commands high pricing. So, before deciding between these two devices, think about your budget.

Last but not least, consumer testimonials! It’s usually helpful to read what other consumers have to say about a product.


It is evident when comparing the Samsung S21 Ultra and S23 Ultra that both smartphones have amazing features and functionality. You can’t go wrong with any choice, whether you’re a fan of photography, a power user, or you just want a top-of-the-line tablet.

Both phones have excellent designs and displays, with huge screens that deliver vivid pictures. Both devices have excellent cameras that let you take pictures and films of high calibre. Both models have strong batteries, so your phone will survive the entire day without needing to be charged frequently.

Both the S21 Ultra and S23 Ultra feature high-performance CPUs and lots of storage space in terms of processing capacity and storage options. There won’t be any slowness or file storage issues to worry about.

The Samsung S21 Ultra is presently offered at a somewhat lower price than the S23 Ultra, which is its replacement. However, keep in mind that costs may change based on sales or discounts provided by merchants.

Customer evaluations and user feedback for these products have, on the whole, been positive for both versions. The enhanced features and overall performance offered by these premium smartphones are well-liked by users.

Which one ought you to pick then? Your financial situation and decisions will determine it. Choose the Samsung S23 Ultra if you want the newest technology with all the bells and whistles at a somewhat higher price but don’t mind skipping out on certain minor advancements released in newer generations, like improved 5G connectivity or an improved camera system. On the other hand, choose its predecessor, the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra, if saving money while still receiving good quality is more important than having cutting-edge improvements right away!

Whatever model you decide between these two incredible smartphones from Samsung, rest assured that there will be plenty more innovation waiting around the corner, no matter what choice is made today!


Is upgrading to the S23 Ultra worth it?

Without a doubt, the S23 Ultra is among the top Android smartphones available in 2023. This massive device is now more powerful than ever, thanks to the improved cameras and the extremely effective processor.

Is it worth upgrading from S21 Ultra to S23 Ultra on Reddit?

The S23U’s battery life surpasses that of all previous Ultra phones by a wide margin. 2. The S23U is likewise leagues ahead in terms of efficiency. There is no competitor to the SD 8 Gen 2’s excellent heat management. 3. Between the S21 and S23, the camera got a little bit better.

Is the Samsung S23 Ultra a hit?

If the Samsung S22 Ultra was the height of smartphone evolution for slab-style devices, the Galaxy S23 Ultra is a successful return, offering everything the S22 did plus a little more. A new main camera sensor and a few improvements are available with the S23 Ultra. There aren’t any revolutionary new features. It is not divided in two.

What makes the Samsung S23 special?

The most recent and best picture standard currently available, 8K at 30 frames per second, may be recorded on the Galaxy S23 Ultra. Wider field of vision, greater zoom, and improved low-light photography are all features of the S23 Ultra.