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M3 Ultra Firmware Update: How to Update and What’s New

November 21, 2023

Use your player’s OTA update feature or get the 0.9GB update file from Google Drive.

Update Notes for M3 Ultra:

Update Notes for M3 Ultra:

1. Resolved a problem that resulted in muffled output while alternating between local playback and USB DAC.

2. Improved app behavior that impacts audio files’ muted start.

3. Resolved the problem where the battery indicator did not reach 100%.

4. A better folder skip feature.

5. Modified the library scan to account for file duplication.

6. Additional enhancements and repairs.

How to update:

1. Make sure your device is fully charged.

2. Copy the downloaded .zip file into the root folder of internal memory. 

(without opening the file in.zip format)

3. Open the “Support” app (purple light bulb icon). Locate the zip file by selecting “Local Update” from the “Update” menu.

4. Confirm the installation and wait until the device updates. Verify the device’s restart message.

Over-the-Air firmware update 

Using a Wi-Fi connection, Android players may be upgraded to the most recent firmware version.

1. Open the “Support” app (purple light bulb icon).

2. Tap on “Update” (might be “Upgrade” in older versions or some other languages).

3. The application will locate updated firmware for your Android player. After selecting one of the two servers, you may start the download.

4. When fully downloaded, confirm installation and wait until the system finishes its automatic update. Verify the device’s restart message.


The M3 Ultra device has been updated with new firmware, addressing issues such as muted output, optimized app behavior, and battery indicator issues. To update, ensure your device is fully charged, copy the downloaded.zip file into the root folder, and open the “Support” app. For over-the-air firmware updates, use a Wi-Fi connection and select the “Support” app. The updated firmware can be downloaded from two servers and installed on the device.


How do I update my Shanling m3x firmware?

Update firmware over-the-air

  • Launch the “Support” application (purple lightbulb symbol).
  • Click “Update” (which may also say “Upgrade” in certain other languages or earlier versions).
  • Your Android player’s firmware upgrade will be located by the app.
  • Once the download is complete, verify the installation and bide your time until the system completes its automated update.

How do I update the firmware on my Sigma lens?

Open SIGMA Optimization Pro after connecting the lens to a computer with the SIGMA USB DOCK UD-11 (separately supplied). The notice ‘The newest lens firmware is available’ will show up if the lens firmware isn’t the most recent version. Select ‘Yes’ to update.

How can I update my firmware?

Enter your login credentials and the IP address of your router in your web browser to upgrade the firmware of your router. Next, go to the Firmware or Update area on the router manufacturer’s website and download the most recent firmware update. Lastly, restart the router after uploading the update.