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M3 Ultra Battery Life: How Long Does It Last?

November 21, 2023

The M3 Ultra battery claims longevity is 9 hours balanced and 13.5 hours single-ended. If you only utilize Bluetooth, that’s 58.5 hours! I concur with their assertions and would presume this to be from minimal gain. I completed my task in around 8.5 hours, with about 18% left, while operating at a modest gain of roughly 55 percent volume. I would warn that those using full-size power-hungry cans should be aware that if they run on the high gain at greater volumes, they can burn up the battery in a matter of hours. The M6U has the good feature of quick charging up to 18W, which is fantastic. 

The slower charging speeds I observe in contemporary DAPs are something I always find missing. Consistent usage did lead the M6U to grow a little hot, and when I would take my daily walks to work, it would heat up and give me a little discomfort in my front pocket. Since my daily DAP and transport (Topping G5) might become a little hot when used for extended periods, I usually keep them out on my desk. The M6U just warms up rapidly without fluctuating. If you are bothered by direct contact with the DAP, I would suggest getting a case like the official leather one they sell for the M6U.

M3 Ultra Battery Extended Life With Quick Charging

M3 Ultra Battery Extended Life With Quick Charging

With its large 3500mAh battery, the M3 Ultra can run on a single charge for up to 20.5 hours. With its 18W charging capability and compatibility with QC3.0 protocols, the Shanling M3 Ultra offers lightning-fast charging.


The M3 Ultra is a high-performance wireless audio device with a battery life of 13.5 hours single-ended and 9 hours balanced, with 58.5 hours if Bluetooth is used. It supports fast charging up to 18W, a feature that is lacking in modern DAPs. The M3 Ultra’s large 3500mAh battery provides an extended battery life of up to 20.5 hours on a single charge, and it supports QC3.0 protocols with 18W charging for super-fast charging facilities. However, it may get toasty from consistent use and may require a case to maintain contact with the DAP.


What is the difference between Shanling M3U and M6U?

While the M3U can only handle 32-bit/384 kHz & DSD256, the M6U can handle 32-bit/768 kHz & DSD512. I’m delighted I acquired one of the final Emerald Green ones since the build quality is excellent. The aluminum body of the M6U has screen protectors fitted on both the front and rear of the glass.

How do you use Shanling m3x as a DAC?

Please download and install the Shanling USB Drivers for Windows users. Use a USB cable to connect the player to the computer. It will detect this and instantly enter USB DAC MODE, appearing as a new sound device in your system. To use the player with a smartphone or tablet in Bluetooth receiver mode, turn on the Bluetooth amplifier mode.

Can you use a DAP as a DAC?

Sure, you can use it as a DAC/amp combo if you can use a USB connection to stream music through it to your PC or notebook.