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iOS 17.1 Update Has Fixed New iPhone 15 Screen Problem

October 23, 2023

iOS 17.1 new updates, Although we found no difficulties with the screen in the tests of the iPhone 15 Pro Max, several owners of the priciest iPhone 15 model have reported burn-in issues with their screens, which iOS 17.1 is supposed to address.

When you see faint remnants of what was previously displayed on a screen, it’s known as image persistence or screen burn-in. Channel logos would “burn” onto display TVs, for example, as a result of being broadcast constantly. This is a long-standing issue with OLED panels.

The next software update includes a remedy for problems that “may cause display image persistence,” or screen burn-in, as noted by MacRumors and other observers. Although it hasn’t been made public yet, developers and beta testers have had access to it.

ios 17.1 new updates Has Fixed New iPhone 15 Screen Problem

There have been sporadic reports of significant screen burn-in affecting the new iPhone 15 models since their release. Although there were rumors that there could be a hardware problem with the OLED display, Apple discovered and fixed a software issue that seemed to be screen burn-in with the iOS 17.1 update.

iOS 17.1 Update Has Fixed New iPhone 15 Screen Problem

Although iPhone 15 customers were the ones who reported display troubles the most, some owners of iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro devices also reported similar problems, which is probably why Apple does not expressly mention the iPhone 15 in their release notes. Update to iOS 17.1 if you’ve seen a “burn-in” on your iPhone to be sure it fixes the issue.

Many more issues are also fixed in the iOS 17.1 release. It also resolves a fault that might prevent custom and paid ringtones from showing up as text tone options, and It resolves an issue that could have resulted in the Basic Where settings for privacy being reset during the initial pairing or transfer of an Apple Watch.

The iPhone 14 and iPhone 15 models now have crash detection improvements implemented to improve the way the iPhones react when a car collision event is detected. This resolves a potential bug that might make the iPhone keyboard-less responsive.

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Coming very quickly

We suggest waiting until iOS 17.1 is released if your iPhone is exhibiting burn-in symptoms in order to see if it fixes the issue. After that, if you’re still having problems, contact Apple directly.

With iOS 17.1, nothing very significant is expected. StandBy mode, AirDrop transfers, and the Apple Music app—which offers choices of favorite songs, albums, and playlists—have all received small updates.

The iOS 17.1 upgrade, which builds on all the new features we’ve previously seen in iOS 17, should be available by Tuesday, October 24, according to French authorities. This software patch will address radio frequency concerns on the iPhone 12.


What is in iOS 17.0.1?

The main objective of iOS 17.0. 1 is security. Three major security flaws that were being actively exploited are fixed. Among them is stopping a bad program from evading security measures.

What is the latest iOS update?

The most recent iteration of iOS, the operating system made specifically for iPhones, is iOS 17. On iPhone XR/XS and subsequent models, iOS 17, which was previewed in June, is now accessible.

Does iOS 17 drain the battery?

Additionally, a lot of the new features in iOS 17 may drain your power and should be turned off if you want longer battery life. I demonstrate in this video how to maximize your iPhone’s battery life on iOS 17 and achieve the longest battery life possible.