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iOS 17.1 Beta 1 is Out — What’s New? (all features)

October 10, 2023

iOS 17.1 Beta 1, the first significant upgrade to the iOS 17 operating system released in September, is now being tested by Apple. There will be a number of beta releases before iOS 17.1 is made generally accessible to users, which is expected to happen later in October.

This article examines the new features that are now accessible in the iOS 17.1 Beta. In this latest release of iOS, Apple has made a few adjustments and improvements, which we’ll go through with you below.

Apple Watch Double Tap Option

Users will have the option to enable “Double Tap” in the future watchOS 10.1 upgrade. Using the Apple Watch app, users may control and adjust this. This improvement gives consumers more flexibility and control over how they engage with their Apple Watch, which enhances the entire user experience.

Users of the Apple Watch Series 9 and Apple Watch Ultra 2 may use the Double Tap function. It makes it possible to use one hand to conveniently operate the watch. Users may access the Smart Stack, manage calls, control music playing, cancel alarms and timers, and more by pressing their thumb and index finger together. For owners of Apple Watches, this simple motion improves accessibility and usefulness.

Favorite Songs Quick Response

Favorite Song Quick Action

Long-pressing the Apple Music icon on the Home Screen will now provide users of Apple Music access to a “Play Favorite Songs” option. The user experience has improved and it is now simpler to enjoy your favorite music thanks to this practical feature that gives you easy access to your favorite tunes.

Customizable Colored Playlist

Customizable Colored Playlist In iOS 17.1 Beta

In the Music app, iOS 17.1 adds a new customizing option for playlists. Eight distinct artwork types with gradients and geometric shapes are available to users. The album artwork for the first song in the playlist is color-matched to these artwork designs. Your playlists gain a visually attractive and unique touch as a result.

Standby Display Customizations

Apple has added a new “Display” option to the Settings app’s Standby settings. Users may further customize the appearance of their device’s display in this section. Depending on their preferences, users may now choose to have the display turn off automatically after 20 seconds or to leave it on indefinitely. Users now have more choice over how their smartphone displays content thanks to this functionality.

Apple has modified a few of the capabilities that are currently available in the Standby settings’ revised Display section. This section now has the Night Mode option, which dims the screen and adds a red tint. Users may now easily access this feature. Additionally, this is where you can now find the gesture to Wake option, which enables users to wake the device with a movement.

Additionally, the Always On toggle that was in charge of intelligently controlling the behavior of the display has been replaced by the Display section. The goal of these changes is to simplify the display settings for the device and enhance user experience.

Airdrop Via Internet

By enabling transfers to continue across a cellular or Wi-Fi connection, iOS 17.1 improves the AirDrop function. It continues to function even if you leave the near vicinity of the person you are sharing with. With this update, utilizing AirDrop is now more convenient and flexible because you no longer need to be close to the recipient when sending a lot of files.

Airdrop Via Internet

The AirDrop settings menu gets a new “Out of Range” option. Users can choose to activate or prevent file transfers over cellular networks when they are outside the direct range of the person they are sharing with using this toggle. Users now have more control over their data use and AirDrop choices.

iOS 17.1 Beta Favorite Songs In Apple Music

You may now add favorites to songs, albums, playlists, and artists in the iOS 17.1 Music app. When you add a song to your library and designate it as a favorite, it improves music suggestions. The prior “Love” function has been replaced with this. Additionally, you can easily choose items as favorites right from the Now Playing widget on the Lock Screen.

If a song is one of your favorites, you’ll see a star next to it on an album. The music that has been played the most is also marked with a dot. The Music app may now recommend music you might like to add to your playlists thanks to the favorites system. 

In the iOS 17.1 Music app, Apple has planned to add a “Favorite Songs” playlist and collaborative playlists. These capabilities, however, are not currently accessible in the beta version and most likely won’t be until another upgrade.

Shuffle Photos In iOS 17.1 Beta 1

A new function called Photo Shuffle Lock Screen is included in iOS 17.1. You may select a specific album of images to appear on your lock screen with this function. This implies that you are free from having to use Apple’s pre-selected options, such as People, Pets, or Nature.

Shuffle Your Photos In iOS 17.1 Beta 1

You’ll get a customization page after choosing one of the primary Photo Shuffle pictures where you may select your Favorites album or any other album you’ve made. You have complete control over the images that show up on your Lock Screen thanks to this. Manually selecting images might still be done, but choosing a complete album is a simpler and quicker another option.

New Reachability Background

For iOS 17.1, the backdrop is now dark when the Reachability feature is turned on for iPhones with a Dynamic Island. In earlier iterations of iOS 17, the wallpaper of the device might appear in Reachability mode blurred. By switching to a black backdrop, the Dynamic Island won’t show up twice when Reachability is used.

Flashlight Icon In Dynamic Island

Flashlight Icon In Dynamic Island

Within the most recent update for iPhones, including the iPhone 14 Pro, iPhone 14 Pro Max, iPhone 15, and iPhone 15 Plus, there is now a flashlight symbol that displays in the Dynamic Island when you activate the flashlight. You might see this symbol as a visual cue that the flashlight is on at the moment. It’s important to note that the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max models were the only ones with this flashlight sign in the past.

UK Bank Balances in Wallet App

The Wallet app gives users in the UK the opportunity to add their UK bank accounts. For greater convenience and accessibility, this feature enables customers to access a variety of account-related information, such as balances, payments, purchases, and deposits, right within the Wallet app.

Messages Bug Fix

A problem with the search feature in the Messages app in iOS 17 is fixed in iOS 17.1. After importing their data from an earlier iPhone, some iPhone 15 users were able to search for older texts. The update resolves the problem where the Messages search function only functions for recent messages.

Search Problem In Message Is Fixed In iOS 17.1

For iPhone 15 owners, an issue with the search feature in the Messages app has been fixed in iOS 17.1. Previously, while transferring data from an older iPhone to a new iPhone 15, some customers were unable to look for previous texts. The update fixed this problem by enabling users to search for older messages in addition to recent ones, expanding the functionality of the Messages search tool.

80% Charging Limit Fix

To preserve the battery health for a longer amount of time, Apple incorporated a toggle with the iPhone 15 models that inhibits the devices from charging over 80%. After installing the second beta version, the iPhone can no longer disregard this setting and charge over 80% as it could in iOS 17.


Apple has introduced several updates to its iPhone operating system, including the Double Tap feature, which allows users to customize and manage their Apple Watch using one hand. This feature is available for Apple Watch Series 9 and Apple Watch Ultra 2 users, enhancing accessibility and usability.

Apple has also introduced a new “Display” section within the Standby settings in the Settings app, providing users with additional customization options for their device’s display. This section has been updated with the Night Mode function, Motion to Wake toggle, and the Display section replacing the previous Always On toggle.


How do I get iOS 17.1 beta?

Select the iOS 17.1 Public Beta from the list of beta updates under Settings > General > Software Update. The same Apple ID that you used to sign up for the Apple Beta Software Program must be used on your iPhone in order to access the beta software.

Is iOS 17 in beta yet?

Since announcing iOS 17 at WWDC, Apple has been running a beta program. The beta testing of iOS 17 has continued since the public release of the complete version. iOS 17.1, which was made available to developers on September 27, is the current beta version.

What is new in iOS 17.1 Beta 2?

In the StandBy area of the Settings app, Apple included a new “Display” section that has several additional customization choices. You may choose whether the display turns off instantly, after 20 seconds, or never.

Why can’t i get iOS 17?

The iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, and iPhone X are the three more iPhone models that can no longer run iOS 17, Apple’s most recent mobile operating system. With the introduction of iOS 16 last year, Apple ceased releasing feature updates for the iPhone 6 and iPhone 7 series. These phones continue to run iOS 15.