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Instagram Bio Link Not Clickable How to Fix

October 22, 2023

Instagram Bio Link Not Clickable How to Fix, This post will explain how to fix the not clickable. Instagram link in your bio and even provide one of the finest online solutions for managing Instagram accounts, which allows you to publish clickable links in your bio and reroute visitors to different platforms.

Sharing a bio link on your Instagram profile is one of the several ways you may submit a link on the platform. Additionally, putting the link in your Instagram profile is really beneficial for marketers. With almost a billion users, Instagram is one of the most popular apps.

Making the most of your bio section, particularly the bio link area, is definitely something you should do if you own a business. What then should you do if you encounter the problem of “your Instagram link in bio not clickable”?

Instagram has blocked links in the captions of photos and the comment box in an effort to reduce spam. Still, companies and trademarks may choose to share many URLs. 

What Is Bio Link on Instagram?

You may publish one clickable link in your bio on Instagram, even if it can occasionally be difficult for users to share links on the platform. However, what happens if it turns out that there is a problem and you are unable to understand why the Instagram link in your bio is not clickable?

Why is Your link in the bio not clickable?

In any case, there aren’t many faults that can be the cause of the “bio link not clickable” error on Instagram; we’ve listed them all below. You should look at the following if your link in the Instagram bio isn’t clickable:

  1. Verify that you have the most recent version of Instagram on your account.
  2. Instagram disabled the link in your bio.
  3. The link is not being placed in the appropriate spot.
  4. Ensure that your internet connection is strong.
  5. Verify whether the page is still up to date or whether the link is working properly.
  6. Allowing you to distribute several links. 

To ensure that the Instagram app cache isn’t the issue, take the following actions:

  1. Go to the settings on your phone.
  2. Navigate to applications and pick Instagram.
  3. Click or tap Clear Cache.
  4. Check your link again and reopen your Instagram account.

To fix the “Instagram bio link not clickable,” take the following steps.

Users may wonder why the Instagram link in their bio isn’t clickable, but all it takes is knowing how to add a clickable link in your bio to fix the problem. 

How To Add a Clickable Link to Your Bio

We’ll explain why the Instagram link in your bio isn’t working. It looks like you skipped a step. To have a clickable Instagram bio link, follow these instructions.

  1. Go to your profile by opening the Instagram app.
  2. Click the “edit profile” icon now.
  3. After that, you’ll notice a form field with the name “website”; this is where you enter your link; don’t put it anywhere else.
  4. Then, select “done” from the menu at the top right of your screen.

You won’t ever need to wonder why the Instagram bio link isn’t clickable again if you follow these instructions for making a clickable bio link!

A clickable connection from Instagram to a different profile is feasible. One way to do this would be to connect your personal and corporate profiles.

Link (internal link) to another profile

Here’s how to go about it:

  1. Go to your profile by opening the Instagram app.
  2. Click the “edit profile” icon now.
  3. Enter the username of any accounts you want to mention in the bio area. Remember to start the line with the @ symbol.
  4. Click “done” at the upper right corner of the screen.

The desired account profile should be shown in blue if you follow the following four steps successfully.

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This post explains how to fix the non-clickable Instagram bio link issue and provides an online solution for managing Instagram accounts. Instagram has blocked links in photo captions and comment boxes to reduce spam, but companies and trademarks can still share multiple URLs. 

To fix the issue, verify if you have the latest version of Instagram, if Instagram disabled the link, if the link is not placed in the appropriate spot, ensure a strong internet connection, and verify if the page is up to date. To clear the Instagram app cache, go to settings on your phone, navigate to applications, and tap Clear Cache.


What is bio link on Instagram?

As of right now, things have changed, and the Instagram bio still contains the one link. “The link in bio” refers to the clickable URL that can be found in the description of your Instagram profile and that offers vital details about your company and item.

How do I get my Instagram link?

How can I locate my URL on Instagram? Simply enter instagram.com/yourusername/ as your Instagram URL (change “your user name” with your real username). Another way is to use a browser to access your Instagram profile and copy the URL that appears in the address bar.

What is Instagram bio link example?

Instagram bios are 150 characters long and appear at the top of profile pages next to profile pictures. They provide a summary of your account. It’s a short method to introduce yourself and your message to users, a snapshot of your Instagram account.