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Information about Apple Pencil USB-C compatibility

October 22, 2023

Apple recently unveiled a less expensive Apple Pencil with USB-C. The $79 iPad accessory has a cap that slides back to show the USB-C port. Additionally, it uses magnets to secure itself to an iPad’s side edge, including the 10th-generation device that Apple unveiled only last year.

Because it costs less, the pencil lacks some of the more sophisticated capabilities seen in first- and second-generation accessories. Pressure sensitivity, wireless pairing, and charging, as well as the double-tap feature that allows you to switch between tools, are not supported by the gadget. Hover is still supported with iPad Pro M2 devices, though.

Apple Pencil Feature

Apple Pencil Feature
  • With pixel-perfect accuracy Draw, write, and sketch precisely.
  • little latency
  • It has the same responsiveness and ease of use as writing with a pencil.
  • sensitivity to tilt
  • To create shading and other effects, tilt the apple pencil.
  • sensitivity to pressure
  • naturally reacts to pressure from a bright
  • to a firmer press or touch.
  • uses magnets to fasten

So that you’re prepared when inspiration strikes, keep an Apple Pencil in the side pocket of your iPad. connecting and charging wirelessly when connected, automatically couples and charges.

  • With the iPad Pro, it supports Apple Pencil hover.
  • Before making your mark, check it.
  • Tap twice to switch tools. Switch between tools quickly.
  • No-cost engraving
  • Make it clear that it is yours.

Expanding the Choice and Value of the Apple Pencil

Expanding the Choice and Value of the Apple Pencil

With the Apple Pencil, the iPad becomes more adaptable and the bounds of creativity are pushed. The new Apple Pencil works with all iPad models that have a USB-C port and offers amazing capabilities that users love—all for fantastic pricing. With the introduction of the new Apple Pencil, iPad owners may now select the best pen that works with their device.

Inking Performance, Pairing, and Charging

Inking Performance, Pairing, and Charging

The new Apple Pencil offers the same high-end, pixel-perfect accuracy, low latency, and tilt sensitivity that customers adore with the Apple Pencil (1st and 2nd versions), setting the bar for precision and low latency. The new Apple Pencil performs admirably when using Freeform and iPadOS features like Scribble and Quick Note. The new Apple Pencil supports hover when used with iPad Pro M2 models, enabling users to sketch and illustrate with even more accuracy.

Customers may attach a USB-C cable to the new Apple Pencil for pairing and charging by sliding a cap to reveal a USB-C connection. The new Apple Pencil enters a sleep mode when magnetically linked to the iPad for storage to conserve battery life.

Apple Pencil Lineup

Apple Pencil Lineup

The most affordable model, the new Apple Pencil, is perfect for daily productivity and creativity. The new Apple Pencil works with all iPad models that feature a USB-C port, including the iPad Pro, iPad Air, and iPad mini and is perfect for iPad (10th generation) users thanks to USB-C charging and pairing.

With support for pressure sensitivity, the first-generation Apple Pencil offers a very smooth and natural drawing experience. The iPad (10th generation) is compatible with Apple Pencil (1st generation), and the Lightning connector on the iPad (9th generation) makes it simple to instantly pair and charge Apple Pencil (1st generation).

With support for pressure, the double-tap gesture, and Apple Pencil hover on iPad Pro models with M2, the second-generation Apple Pencil improves and streamlines professional workflows even more. The Apple Pencil (2nd edition) has a flat side that facilitates magnetic pairing and charging and has a matte finish. The iPad Pro, iPad Air, and iPad Mini are all compatible with it.

Customers can select the ideal Apple Pencil for their particular iPad model. Visit apple.com/apple-pencil for additional details on compatibility.


Apple has introduced a cheaper Apple Pencil with USB-C compatibility, priced at $79. The device, which attaches magnetically to the side edge of an iPad, supports pressure sensitivity, wireless pairing, and charging but doesn’t support pressure sensitivity, wireless pairing, or the double-tap feature. The iPad Pro M2 models still enable hover, too. The Apple Pencil offers pixel-perfect precision, low latency, tilt sensitivity, and pressure sensitivity, making it feel as natural and responsive as using a pencil on paper.

It works great with iPadOS features like Scribble and Quick Note, and when used with M2 models of iPad Pro, it supports hover. The device also supports USB-C charging and pairing, allowing users to use a USB-C cable for pairing and charging. The Apple Pencil lineup is ideal for everyday productivity and creativity, with support for pressure sensitivity, double-tap gestures, and hover on iPad Pro models with M2.


Can I use any USB-C on my iPad?

Your iPad will charge more quickly if you use a higher-wattage USB-C power adapter, such as the one that was included with your Mac notebook. By connecting your iPad to your computer’s USB-C connector, you can also charge it.

Can you use the Apple Pencil on the charger?

No, we don’t allow drawing while it’s charging (for efficiency’s sake). Although a Lightning cable can be used to charge an iPad Pro, it will charge considerably more quickly when connected directly. I appreciate the response.

Do Apple Pencils work on all iPhones?

Here’s how different styluses function with the iPhone in place of the Apple Pencil. Since it was created exclusively for use with specific iPads, the Apple Pencil is incompatible with all iPhone models.

Which Apple Pencil is better?

For artists to produce, it is still a fantastic instrument. Although the second-generation Apple Pencil is superior, the first model is still adequate. Even the points of the Apple Pencil are identical. In fact, a first-generation Apple Pencil’s tip can be screwed into a second-generation one.