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Faster and Smoother: How iOS 17.2 Boosts Your iPhone Performance

December 16, 2023

iOS 17.2, the latest software update released by Apple, significantly iOS 17.2 Boosts the performance of many Apple devices, including iPhones, Apple Watches, and iPads. This update primarily focuses on optimizing system performance, enhancing battery life expectancy, and introducing new features to enhance the overall user experience. A multitude of individuals worldwide are now upgrading their gadgets, resulting in enhanced performance, increased speed, and improved efficiency.

Owners of iPhones, Apple Watches, and iPads are advised to promptly update to iOS 17.2, as it brings significant enhancements and improvements. This update demonstrates Apple’s commitment to enhancing the user experience via software optimization and innovative ideation. The primary objective of the iOS 17.2 update is to optimize device performance by enhancing the speed and extending battery life.

Owners of iPhones, Apple Watches, and iPads are advised to promptly update to iOS 17.2 since it encompasses significant enhancements and improvements. This update demonstrates Apple’s commitment to enhancing the user experience via software optimization and innovative concepts. The purpose of the iOS 17.2 update is to enhance the performance of devices by prioritizing speed and extending battery life.

Other small but important changes

Other small but important changes

To provide comprehensive coverage of iOS 17.2, it is important to include all relevant information. Therefore, I present the additional features and improvements included in the current release, as stated by Apple:

Button for Action

  • You can instantly translate words or phrases or converse with someone in a different language by using the Translate button on the iPhone 15 Pro and 15 Pro Max.


  • When photographing tiny, far-off objects, the telephoto cameras on the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max focus more quickly.


  • To access the first unread message in a conversation, just touch the arrow located in the top-right corner. This symbol represents the action of catching up or reaching a level that is on par with or ahead of others.
  • To add a sticker directly to a box, choose “Add sticker” from the context menu.
  • Within the latest iterations of Memoji, users can modify the physical form of any given Memoji.
  • Contact Key Verification offers automated notifications and contact authentication codes to ensure that individuals who are susceptible to significant cyber threats are only communicating with their intended contacts.


  • Watching the precipitation levels of rain and snow over the following 10 days will assist in tracking the weather conditions.
  • The new tools include information on the next hour’s precipitation, the daily atmospheric conditions, the timings of dawn and sunset, as well as the present state of the air quality, perceived temperature, and wind velocity.
  • To efficiently assess wind patterns, you may use a wind map image or the dynamic wind map layer, which will provide you with a comprehensive overview of wind conditions for the next 24 hours.
  • By using a real-time lunar timetable, one may effortlessly determine the specific lunar phase for any particular day within the next month.

iOS 17.2 Boosts and bug fixes

iOS 17.2 Boosts and bug fixes
  • The Siri compatibility feature enables you to discreetly access and record health app data by using voice commands.
  • Enhancements in AirDrop include more options for sharing contacts and the capability to exchange cinema tickets, airline passes, and other legitimate passes by establishing a connection between two iPhones.
  • The “Favourite Songs” Playlist on Apple Music simplifies the process of revisiting the music that you have selected as your preference.
  • To prevent the music you listen to from appearing in the Recently Played section or influencing the recommendations you get, you may disable the Use Listening History feature in Apple Music when in Focus mode.
  • A novel digital clock widget has been added to the home screen, enabling users to promptly see the time even while the phone is inactive.
  • Enhanced AutoFill can identify certain sections in PDFs and other documents and automatically populate them with relevant information from your contacts, such as names and addresses.
  • The updated keyboard settings now support the usage of 8 more Sò¡mi languages.
  • The Sensitive Content Warning for Stickers in Messages function ensures that you will not be exposed to stickers depicting nudity without prior warning.
  • Qi2 chargers are compatible with all iPhone 13 and 14 models for charging purposes.
  • Addresses an issue that could limit the wireless charging capability of some vehicles.


The new iOS 17.2 update from Apple is huge for people who use iPhones, Apple Watches, and iPads. The update is mostly about making the system run better, making the battery last longer, and adding new features that make the user experience better. The iPhone 15 Pro and 15 Pro Max now have a translation option for the Action button. The zoom camera’s focusing speed has also been improved. There is now a catch-up arrow for open messages, an extra sticker option in the context menu, a new emoji, and contact key verification.

The update also includes weather information, like how much rain or snow fell, tools, images of the wind map, and a live moon schedule. Other changes and bug fixes include: Siri now lets you access and log Health app data privately; AirDrop now works better; Apple Music now has a “Favourite Songs” playlist instead of a listening history; there is a new “Digital Clock Widget”; AutoFill and keyboard layouts have been improved; all iPhone 13 and 14 models can now use a Qi2 charger; and problems with wireless charging in some vehicles have been fixed. Overall, iOS 17.2 shows that Apple is dedicated to making the user experience better by optimizing software and coming up with new ideas.


Does iOS 17 speed up the iPhone?

For a long time, Apple has given Haptic Touch two speed settings: normal and slow. With iOS 17, there is now a way to shorten the time it takes for Haptic Touch to work, which makes the device seem faster overall.

Is iOS 17 smoother than iOS 16?

It’s really up to you whether you install it or not. I think it’s a great fix. Even though it still jumps around sometimes (like when you pull down from the Notification Centre), it’s a lot faster and better than iOS 16. You can wait until 17.1, though.

What hidden iOS 17 feature will make your iPhone feel twice as fast?

Although iOS 17’s Haptic Touch feature has been around since the iPhone XR, it can be customized to provide even faster haptic feedback than before, and it’s honestly a game-changer.