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Exploring the Exciting iOS 17.1 New Features

October 23, 2023

iOS 17.1 new features, Using iOS 17.1, which Apple is expected to release soon, a number of new features and improvements will be included. Among the notable features are Apple Music’s “Favourites” feature, the ability to AirDrop files over a cellular network, linked cards for interactive lock screen widgets, and new StandBy mode settings. With these upgrades, you should enjoy a better user experience with additional convenience and personalization possibilities.

AirDrop gets better

AirDrop gets better  17.1 New Features

Sharing files with other Apple devices quickly and simply is made possible with AirDrop. Its one significant drawback is that it can only be used with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. This implies that you will not be able to AirDrop a file to a person who is not within range of your Wi-Fi or Bluetooth network.

AirDropping files over the cellular connection is a new capability that Apple is rolling out with iOS 17.1. This implies that you may AirDrop files to anybody, wherever they may be. When sharing a file, just choose “Everyone” to AirDrop it over cellular data.

Apple Music Favourites

Apple Music Favourites 17.1 New Features

iOS 17.1 brings a much-needed upgrade to Apple Music in the form of a new “Favourites” feature. You’ll be able to fast access your favorite songs, albums, playlists, and artists by doing this and effortlessly favorite them. To mark a song as a favorite, just tap the star symbol adjacent to it. The Apple Music app now has a “Favourites” option where you can access all of your favorite content.

Standby mode will get new settings

Standby mode will get new settings 17.1 New Features

With iOS 17, the new StandBy function lets you display glanceable information on your iPhone when it’s not in use and darken the lock screen. By doing this, you may access crucial information without waking up your iPhone and preserve battery life.

Apple is introducing several new StandBy options in iOS 17.1. For instance, you may now decide whether to display or conceal alerts, the date and time, and the weather on your StandBy lock screen. Additionally, you have the option to reveal or conceal the network signal and battery life indicators.

The fresh feature of connected Cards

The fresh feature of connected Cards 17.1 New Features

In iOS 17.1, a new feature called “connected cards” will let you add interactive widgets to your lock screen. You may include a widget that displays your upcoming calendar events or one that lets you operate your smart home appliances.

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Apple is set to release iOS 17.1, which includes several new features and improvements. These include Apple Music’s “Favourites” feature, AirDrop files over a cellular network, linked cards for interactive lock screen widgets, and new StandBy mode settings. AirDrop allows users to share files with other Apple devices, but it is only available with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. Apple Music now offers a “Favourites” option, allowing users to easily access their favorite content. StandBy mode allows users to display glanceable information on their iPhone when not in use and darkens the lock screen, preserving battery life. Connected cards allow users to add interactive widgets to their lock screen.


Is iOS 17.1 out?

The public beta of iOS 17.1 RC2 as well as iOS 17.1 GM2 for developers have been made available. Only the iPhone 15, iPhone 15 Plus, iPhone 15 Pro, and iPhone 15 Pro Max are compatible with iOS 17.1 RC2. iOS 17.1 is scheduled to launch on October 23 or October 24, 2023, the next week.

Is iOS 16 already out?

Present Edition. Released in July, iOS 16.6 is the most recent version of iOS 16. Installing iOS 16.6, which patches two actively exploited vulnerabilities, is crucial since it is an update that addresses security risks.

Will iOS 17 support iPhone 7?

Following the introduction of iOS 17, the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, and iPhone X are the only three iPhone models that are unable to run Apple’s most recent mobile operating system. With the introduction of iOS 16 last year, Apple discontinued offering feature upgrades for the iPhone 6 and iPhone 7 series. These devices are still on iOS 15.

How to get iOS 18?

Navigate to Software Update under Settings > General. Toggle on Download iOS Updates by tapping Automatic Updates. Activate the iOS Updates feature. iOS or iPadOS upgrades to the most recent version are immediately applied to your device.