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Retracing Your iPhone’s First Activation in 2024

January 21, 2024

Check iphone first use date: These days, with technology advancing at such a quick pace, an iPhone is more than just a device; it’s a travel companion. Knowing your iPhone’s history may be fascinating whether you’re a tech buff, a professional who relies on it for business, or someone who likes to capture life’s moments. The subject of “How can I check my iPhone’s first use date?” often arises among iPhone owners. If you want to know how to find out what year your iPhone was first activated in 2024, this article will show you.

Understanding the Importance

For what reasons is it crucial to know when you first used your iPhone? You can learn more about the state of your device’s warranty, for one thing. The standard limited warranty period from the date of purchase is one year with Apple. It also provides you with an estimate of how old the device is and how long it may last, which is important information to have when selling or purchasing a used iPhone.

Locating the First Use Date

Here’s how you can find out when your iPhone was first activated:

Through the Settings App

  • Open the Settings app: This is your gateway to all the information about your iPhone.
  • Navigate to General: Here, you’ll find several options related to your device’s operation.
  • Tap on ‘About’: This section contains detailed information about your iPhone, including its serial number, software version, and more.
  • Look for the ‘Warranty’ or ‘Limited Warranty’ section: Depending on your iOS version, this will display the warranty expiration date. Subtract one year from this date to approximate your iPhone’s first activation date.

Using Apple’s Support Website

  • Visit imei.ai Check Coverage website: imei.ai provides a convenient online tool to check your device’s warranty status.
  • Enter your iPhone’s serial number: You can find the serial number in the Settings app under ‘General’ > ‘About’.
  • View the details: The website will display your service and support coverage, including the estimated expiration date. Again, subtract one year from this to find the first activation date.

Consulting the Original Receipt or Invoice

You can usually find the purchase date—which is usually around the activation date—on the original invoice or receipt. If you purchased your iPhone brand new, this approach will work like a charm.

Why There’s No Direct ‘First Use Date’

‘First usage date’ is not anything that Apple says for iPhones. The main reasons for this are concerns about privacy and security. Nonetheless, the aforementioned approaches are reliable estimations of this date.


Inquiring about the initial usage date of your iPhone might satisfy your curiosity, increase its resale worth, or even help with warranty claims. You may learn a lot about your iPhone’s background and age via its settings, Apple’s online help resources, or even the paperwork that comes with it.


How do I check my iPhone usage time?

Please go to the Settings menu and then search for Screen Time. Click the app or website in use for a specific device, go to See All App & Website Activity, and then press Devices. You may get a summary of your usage for the week by tapping Week, or for the day by tapping Day.

How can I check how old my mobile is?

You can find out the exact age of your Android phone in a few different methods. Your phone’s “About Phone” section should be located in the settings menu. You should be able to find the date of production or public release of your phone there.