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Best M3 Ultra Accessories: Must-Have Items for Your New DAP

November 21, 2023

The M3 Ultra is a state-of-the-art digital audio player (DAP) that has captured consumers’ attention with its amazing sound quality and stylish appearance. M3 Ultra Accessories go well with this amazing device to make your listening experience even better. The first item on the list is the M3 Ultra leather case, which is expertly made from high-quality materials to offer your DAP the best protection possible while still projecting style.

The M3 Ultra armband improves convenience and adaptability so that music lovers may listen to their favorite songs while engaging in strenuous exercise or going on outdoor excursions without having to worry about dropping their prized gadget. 

Look no further for improved audio enjoyment than the M3 Ultra Bluetooth headphones, which offer intense bass and crystal-clear sound. They connect wirelessly with your DAP for easy listening. Audiophiles may also benefit from the M3 Ultra-portable amplifier, which enhances music output even more when used with premium headphones or speakers, taking you on an incredible auditory experience!

Last but not least, don’t forget to increase your storage capacity with the roomy yet small M3 Ultra microSD card; you’ll have access to countless hours of music now! Experience an unmatched audio experience that will leave you speechless with each play of these thoughtfully chosen accessories made just for the amazing M3 Ultra DAP.

Packaging & Accessories

Packaging & Accessories

The M3 Ultra is packaged vibrantly. Grey, orange, and yellow hues predominate on the package’s outside. There are two distinct typefaces used: one is Chinese, and the other is English. The nicely designed gadget within the box doesn’t seem to complement the style of the package, which is why I didn’t enjoy it.

The box is composed of thick cardboard that has a bright orange color. A foam insert inside keeps the player firmly in place. The M3 Ultra comes in two color variations: green and black. The one we are holding is green and has a sophisticated appearance. The accessories are kept in a separate container. A silicone case, two film protectors, a USB-A to USB-C cable, and an instruction manual are among the M3 Ultra’s accessories.

The high-quality USB-C cable is utilized for data transfer and charging. As far as accessories go, that is about all. For the M3 Ultra, Shanling provides a stylish alternative leather casing. To keep the display looking new, the pre-applied film protectors that come with it are also a nice bonus. Finding accessories for third parties might be challenging.


The M3 Ultra is a cutting-edge digital audio player (DAP) with superior sound quality and sleek design. To enhance your listening experience, consider the M3 Ultra leather case, M3 Ultra armband, M3 Ultra Bluetooth headphones, M3 Ultra portable amplifier, and M3 Ultra microSD card. The colorfully designed package features shades of grey, orange, and yellow, with Chinese and English fonts. The M3 Ultra is available in black and green color options, with a separate compartment for accessories.

The package includes a USB-A to USB-C cable, a silicone case, two film protectors, and a user manual. Shanling offers an optional leather case and pre-applied film protectors for a chic look. These accessories are designed exclusively for the M3 Ultra DAP, providing an unparalleled listening experience.


Is Shanling M3X worth it?

I think the Shanling M3X Limited Edition is a good option if you’re searching for a warm-neutral DAP with full upfront mids, snappy bass, and airy treble. Recall that there are just 1500 units available (500 of which are for the global market).

What is the difference between Shanling M3U and M6U?

While the M3U can only handle 32-bit/384 kHz & DSD256, the M6U can handle 32-bit/768 kHz & DSD512. I’m delighted I acquired one of the final Emerald Green ones since the build quality is excellent. The aluminum body of the M6U has screen protectors fitted on both the front and rear of the glass.

How much is the Shanling M3X?

M3X: New colors and increased cost

Less glamorous news: the MSRP price of M3X will rise to 369 USD/Euro as a result of continuing shortages in the electronics markets and steadily growing production and part costs. The three M3X color variations will all be impacted by this price hike.