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Apple Vision Pro Games: The Best VR and AR Games to Play on Your Headset

November 23, 2023

Prepare to enter a whole new gaming universe with Apple Vision Pro Games! This selection of games, created especially for the latest augmented and virtual reality headsets, is poised to revolutionize the way you play video games. You’ll be in wonder by the vast selection of VR and AR games available from Apple Vision Pro Games, whether you’re exploring stunning landscapes or taking part in intense fights. 

Imagine yourself exploring historic ruin sites in search of lost riches in “Mystic Quest” or planning your maneuvers to bring down competing nations in the engrossing strategy game “Empire Rising.” It seems like you’ve entered a whole other world when you play these games because of their amazing graphics and realistic sound effects. 

Smooth gameplay is ensured by the seamless integration of cutting-edge technology, and both novice and expert players will find it easy to use the controls. So grab your headset and get ready to be taken to uncharted territory where everything is possible! Let Apple Vision Pro Games elevate your gaming experience to new heights!

Low-priority gaming

Low-priority gaming

Apple provided a brief overview of the Vision Pro’s gaming capabilities amid their lengthy analysis of the device. As of right now, there are just two things we are certain of. One is that, like other Apple products, the Vision Pro may be used with controllers such as the PlayStation 5 DualSense. The second is that more than 100 Apple Arcade games, including NBA 2K23, would be compatible with the headgear at launch. About the Vision Pro as a gaming device, that was all Apple had to offer.

A few questions remained after the disclosure. The most important of them is whether or not real VR gaming will be supported in any manner by the Vision Pro. Only a single person using a flat-screen Apple Arcade game inside the helmet is shown at the reveal. With the Vision Pro, all you have in front of your face is a flat monitor; it’s not quite as immersive as something like a Quest Pro or PlayStation VR2.

Currently, it’s unknown if the platform can run real VR games. Because it lacks controls like other devices, developers would find it challenging to port games to it. While the Vision Pro may work with controllers similar to the PSVR2, it doesn’t appear likely that the headset will be able to track them from what we’ve seen so far.

Apple did not make it apparent during the demonstration if the device is a VR gaming platform, even though there was enough chance to do so. No Man’s Sky made its Apple device debut only last week, which is a significant development for Mac gaming. Given that the Outer Space game is fully VR-compatible with a range of headsets, it would seem to be the ideal method to showcase the Vision Pro’s gaming capabilities. It’s possible that Apple does not view gaming as the primary function of its platform in the same way as Meta does, given that the presentation instead concentrated on ported mobile games.

To be clear, there’s nothing wrong with it. The Vision Pro is being marketed by Apple as an addition to its MacBook and iPhone lineup. It isn’t being marketed as a “Metaverse” offering where customers roam about in legless avatars in conference rooms. Instead, it’s a useful tool that may be utilized for regular chores like sending emails or making video chats. In this way, Apple is defying the prevalent tendency in VR marketing by positioning entertainment as an add-on rather than the main feature of the technology. For individuals who enjoy utilizing virtual reality for certain purposes, it should make the purchasing choice much simpler.

Maybe there will be additional information released later. A large number of VR developers may be at work on ideas that will be unveiled during an Apple Gaming Showcase. For now, though, VR game fans won’t need to budget $3,500 any time soon. In terms of gaming capabilities, the Vision Pro seems to provide an experience similar to putting your phone inside a cardboard headset.


Apple Vision Pro Games is a collection of VR and AR games designed exclusively for the latest virtual reality and augmented reality headsets. The games offer an extensive range of titles, from ancient ruins to strategy games like “Empire Rising.” The seamless integration of advanced technologies ensures smooth gameplay, while intuitive controls make it easy for both seasoned gamers and beginners.

The Vision Pro is compatible with controllers like the PlayStation 5 DualSense and will support over 100 Apple Arcade titles at launch, including NBA 2K23. However, it is unclear if the platform can run true VR gaming, as it doesn’t come with any controllers like other devices. Apple is marketing the Vision Pro as an extension of devices like MacBooks and iPhones, showing entertainment as a bonus of the tech rather than the heart of it. The Vision Pro appears to offer the same gaming potential as placing your phone in a cardboard headset, making it an excellent choice for those who enjoy using VR for specific reasons.


Can the Apple Vision Pro play VR games?

The tabletop role-playing game Demeo, one of VR’s best blockbusters, is now being developed for Apple Vision Pro. Early in 2024, Apple plans to release its mixed-reality headset without a controller.

Is Apple Vision Pro VR or AR?

Because Apple Vision Pro is a “mixed reality” headset, it can show content from both augmented and virtual reality. But unlike augmented reality glasses, it is intended to cover your eyes and obscure everything around you.

Is Vision Pro good for gaming?

Even though the Vision Pro’s hand tracking is better than what is currently available in the VR market, a report from The Information claims that it is still insufficient to meet the demanding requirements of VR gaming due to its rapid pace.