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Apple Vision Pro Battery: How to Get the Most Out of Your Headset’s Power

November 23, 2023

Based on code references discovered in tvOS beta 5, Apple is referring to the external pack of the Apple Vision Pro Battery headset as a “Magic Battery.” The Magic Battery, which gives Apple’s mixed reality headset two hours of connected power, was once known as the “MagSafe Battery Pack” because it resembled the iPhone battery pack of the same name. Independent Apple code researcher Aaron P613 discovered new references to the name.

The Vision Pro headset’s left side is connected to a single woven braided power cord. For on-the-go use, the cord may be hooked into a Magic Battery or a static power source. Although the Magic Battery is small enough to fit in a pocket and can be changed out for extra power when needed, users will need to purchase additional battery packs to prolong the battery’s life when they are not near a power source.

The fact that Apple’s Vision Pro depends on an additional waist-worn battery pack has drawn criticism. In testing, Apple determined that the Vision Pro would be excessively bulky and difficult to wear due to the additional weight of an internal battery, unlike the majority of AR/VR headsets on the market.

The $3,499 Vision Pro, which is scheduled for release in early 2024, boasts more high-end hardware than any headset available right now. It has two 4K micro-OLED displays with high resolution, 12 cameras, five sensors to monitor hand gestures and map the surroundings, two Apple silicon processors, and more.

‘Magic Battery’ is the least magical part of Apple’s headset

‘Magic Battery’ is the least magical part of Apple’s headset

Based on what we currently know, the Apple Vision Pro-Magic Battery is probably anything but magical, despite its purportedly new moniker. Where the headband and headset visor meet is where the MagSafe connection between the external battery pack and the Vision Pro headset will be made. Apple claims that all you have to do is slide the battery into your pocket to do spatial computation while you’re out and about. Not so dissimilar from carrying a portable phone charger.

Regretfully, the Magic Battery won’t provide your phone with nearly as much energy as your portable phone charger will. The wire appears to be fixed to the charging pack rather than removable, and the external battery is only supposed to give two hours of power life. To get through the day, you might need to carry about a few Magic Batteries along with the cables and MagSafe connections that go with them. 

There is some optimism, though, for those lamenting the limited battery life, which will fall short of the Meta Quest 3’s stated battery life (albeit the Vision Pro will undoubtedly be significantly more powerful). There is a rumor circulating that Apple may provide many Magic Battery sizes. 

That claim also originates from aaronp613, but regrettably, their investigation turned up nothing more specific than the observation of three different battery model numbers. Therefore, it’s uncertain whether of the three reported versions will have a battery life longer than two hours. 

Until Apple unveils the headgear sometime in early 2024, we won’t know for sure.


Apple has named its external battery pack for the Apple Vision Pro headset, the “Magic Battery,” based on code references found in tvOS beta 5. The Magic Battery provides two hours of tethered power for the mixed reality headset, which is designed to fit in a pocket and can be swapped out for additional power on the go. The device ships with a single battery, so users will need to buy more battery packs to extend battery life when away from a power outlet. 

The $3,499 Vision Pro includes more high-end hardware than any headset currently on the market, including two high-resolution 4K micro-OLED displays, 12 cameras, five sensors for monitoring hand gestures and mapping the external environment, and two Apple silicon processors. However, the short battery life may be due to the rumor that Apple could offer more than one Magic Battery size, with further details to be revealed in early 2024.


How long does the Apple Vision Pro battery last?

2 hours

Force. When connected, the external battery may run for up to two hours or the entire day.

How much power does the Apple Vision Pro use?

The battery life of the Apple Vision Pro is about two hours. Its internal battery capacity is expected to be between 20,000mAh and 74Wh based on its size, translating into an overall power usage of about 30W.

Why is Vision Pro so expensive?

When all is considered, the Vision Pro appears to be more costly than its competitors not because it is that much superior to them but rather because it makes extensive use of unique parts. They are making use of a customized lenticular lens technology and display. These two should make up the majority of the expense, in my opinion.