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Apple iOS 17.1 Coming Soon – 9 All New Features 

October 13, 2023

The beta version of Apple iOS 17.1 is presently accessible, and a release later this month is anticipated. A number of new features and adjustments for iPhones related to Apple Music, AirDrop, the Lock Screen, and other topics are included in the software update.

iPhone Dynamic Island Changes

iPhone Dynamic Island Changes

All iPhone models with the Dynamic Island—the iPhone 14 Pro, iPhone 14 Pro Max, iPhone 15, iPhone 15 Plus, iPhone 15 Pro, and iPhone 15 Pro Max—have an indicator on iOS 17.1 that shows when the flashlight is being actively utilized. Only the iPhone 15 Pro devices could utilize this function in earlier versions of iOS 17.

iPhone AirDrop Over Cellular

Now that cellular connections are not inside AirDrop’s coverage area, AirDrop file transfers can proceed as long as your iPhone and the recipient’s iPhone are both logged into iCloud accounts. Wi-Fi is still required to initiate the transmission.

The Settings app has a new “Use Cellular Data” option under General → AirDrop. When Wi-Fi is unavailable, you may still transmit and receive content via AirDrop over a cellular network by turning on this option. By doing this, you can avoid file transfers failing because of lost WiFi connectivity.

iPhone New StandBy Settings

iPhone New StandBy Settings

There are additional customization choices under StandBy → Display in the Settings app. There are now three options for the display’s shutdown: automatically, after 20 seconds, or never.

iPhone Reachability Now Shows Black Background

On the iPhone 14 Pro and later, Reachability now features a solid black backdrop, getting rid of the Dynamic Island’s double appearance on the screen.

iPhone Music Favorites

iPhone Music Favorites

By clicking the star symbol on the Music app, you may favorite songs, albums, playlists, and artists. Your Library is going to have a Favorite Songs playlist accessible, as your favorite songs are automatically added and enhance your suggestions. You could “love” an album or song in the past, but the functionality was more limited.

iPhone iOS 17.1 Connected Cards

Debit and credit cards from a few UK banks may now be added to the Wallet app for iPhones, allowing users to monitor available balances and recent transactions for those accounts. In addition to supporting the Discover credit card in the US, the new Connected Cards functionality is probably going to be extended to more banks and credit cards in the future.

iPhone Nintendo Switch N64 Controller Support

iPhone Nintendo Switch N64 Controller Support

The Nintendo Switch’s Bluetooth-enabled N64 controller now has compatibility in iOS 17.1.

iPhone Set Album for Photo Shuffle on Lock Screen

Rather than using Apple’s specified selections of People, Pets, Nature, and Cities, you may now choose an album of images to display on the Lock Screen when you set up a Photo Shuffle for the Lock Screen.


Apple has released iOS 17.1, a beta version of the software update, which includes new features and adjustments for iPhones related to Apple Music, AirDrop, and the Lock Screen. The update includes the Dynamic Island indicator for iPhone models with the Dynamic Island, AirDrop over cellular, new StandBy settings, a solid black background for iPhone Reachability, and support for debit and credit cards from UK banks. The update also includes compatibility with the Nintendo Switch N64 controller and allows users to choose an album of images to display on the Lock Screen when setting up a Photo Shuffle for the Lock Screen. These new features aim to improve the user experience on iPhones and enhance their overall iOS experience.


What’s new in iOS 17.1 Beta 3?

With this update, placing an iPhone in a pocket or inside a bag will no longer accidentally trigger certain activities. More specifically, when the iPhone is not in an open, accessible state, the Action Button will no longer enable the Camera, Flashlight, Voice Memo, Focus, and Magnifier features.

Is iOS 17 stable?

iOS 17 has surpassed iOS 12, which I recall being incredibly reliable right from the beginning! Not a single problem or issue was detected! Furthermore, it seems considerably smoother than iOS 16 because the frame rate was finally raised systemwide to nearly full 120Hz!

Is iOS 17 battery life good?

Some claim that this update resolves the overheating problem that was present in iOS 16.5 and is a significant improvement. (I agree: There has been a noticeable improvement in this case.) Others allege that the update has had a terrible effect, resulting in both a decrease in battery duration and a catastrophic decline in battery health.